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Parcel of farmland

Property | Last edited 14/10/20
BTF Partnership is offering for sale a ring-fenced parcel of agricultural land known as The Moat Farmland on the outskirts of the village of Benenden in the county of Kent.

Can UK agriculture really achieve net zero?

Events | Last edited 14/10/20
The South of England Agricultural Society’s annual farming conference is going digital this year and will take place online on Wednesday 11 November.


Writers | Stephen Carr Last edited 14/10/20
So it is that I’ve decided to launch my own digital service.

Amazing bull run on prices

Writers | Elved Philips Last edited 14/10/20
I think happiness is the 2020 harvest in your rear view mirror!

Introduction to farming began aged four

Writers | Alan West Last edited 14/10/20
In reality as a child I rarely saw a sheep.

Responsible use of medicines in youngstock management

Livestock | Last edited 13/10/20
The term “responsible use” is frequently used, but what does it actually mean? asks Dr Tim Potter BVetMed PhD MRCVS, Senior Clinical Director, Westpoint Farm Vets.

Registering Bridle paths

Writers | Nick Adames Last edited 13/10/20
Be aware of unwanted attempts to have a nearby footpath either formalised, reopened, or possibly upgraded to a bridle path.

It’s nice to see the maize clamps so full

Writers | Anita Head Last edited 13/10/20
We purchased 40 acres of standing maize from a neighbour and that has certainly helped.