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Farmer-hosted agronomy roadshows

Events | Last edited 07/02/20
South East arable farmers are invited to farmer-hosted agronomy roadshows.

Basic steps in making a will

Legal | Last edited 28/01/20
Joshua Parton, solicitor at Whitehead Monckton takes a look at the basic steps involved in making a will and why it’s a good idea to seek professional legal assistance.

Be prepared for utility works and Compulsory Purchase

Property | Last edited 27/01/20
Many readers, including both tenant farmers and landowners, will have land affected by utility lines; whether water, sewage, gas, electricity or telecommunications, writes Harry Broadbent-Combe, one of the Batcheller Monkhouse specialists in compulsory purchase.

A clear way forward?

Writers | Alan West Last edited 27/01/20
At least now we know where we stand.

What does the future hold for the farmland market?

Property | Last edited 27/01/20
The farmland market remained subdued in 2019, largely due to prolonged political and economic uncertainty leading to record low farmland supply.

Mud is driving me mad!

Writers | Anita Head Last edited 27/01/20
Well… Where do we start… I for one, shall not be sorry to see the back of January.

Price takers post-brexit

Writers | Stephen Carr Last edited 27/01/20
The new Agriculture Bill has been published but how much do we know about what the future holds for UK farmers outside the CAP post-Brexit?

How much winter wheat have we planted?

Writers | Elved Philips Last edited 27/01/20
Recently the stronger sterling/euro exchange has hindered sales to the EU.