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MAC labour skills consultation

Writers | Sarah Calcutt Last edited 26/11/18
Labour is the biggest issue facing horticulture in all of the Brexit negotiations (not taking away from the importance of CRD, import/export and the cheap food challenge), but if we can’t grow it/pick it we’re stuffed, frankly.

10 to 26 years old? Young farmers clubs want you

Features | Victoria Rose Last edited 26/11/18
Eradicating rural isolation, helping young people to develop and learn new skills, raising money for charity – there is far more to being a YFC member than meets the eye.

No or min tillage is not a silver bullet solution for soil carbon

Arable | Last edited 07/12/18
The government should not rely on no or min tillage as a guaranteed way of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in post-Brexit farming policy, according to a new Soil Association briefing paper.

Big workshop for baler firm

Features | Victoria Rose Last edited 26/11/18
In 2009, Michael Coleman, owner of Big Bale South, bought the exclusive rights to develop and fabricate a revolutionary bale handling system.

Protecting local habitats and local history

News | Last edited 26/11/18
Plumpton College shares its ecological strategy and how it is safeguarding the wider estate and landscape for future generations.

Grants up to £5,000

News | Last edited 05/12/18
Grants up to £5,000 plus the support of Volunteer Rangers available in 2019 for South Downs projects.

Good things come in trees

Features | Victoria Rose Last edited 26/11/18
After planting Norway Spruce seed over 70 years ago, the Clough family at Courtlands Farm in Barham have gone on to establish a successful Christmas tree business.

BASIS set to launch qualifications to enhance soil quality

News | Last edited 04/12/18
With the Agriculture Bill set to reward farmers for 'public goods', such as healthy soils, BASIS is preparing to launch two qualifications which will arm the industry with knowledge and skills to enhance soil quality, biodiversity and sustainability.