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Don’t neglect delaying drilling to reduce blackgrass

Arable | Last edited 16/09/19
Findings indicate yield is fine.

Three-point plan to help control farm rodents

News | Last edited 10/09/19
Farmers are being urged to follow a three-point rodent control plan this autumn to avoid significant infestations later in the year.

Growers to trial alternatives to plastic for veg production

Events | Last edited 10/09/19
Farmers and growers are invited to explore alternatives to plastic mulch for weed control in a new field lab with Innovative Farmers.

Five-point blackgrass plan

Arable | Last edited 09/09/19
Five-point plan helps get best out of soil-acting blackgrass herbicides.

Three new black-grass herbicides in development

Arable | Last edited 09/09/19
ADAMA Agricultural Solutions UK has today announced that it is developing a new range of herbicides specifically aimed at controlling black-grass in cereals crops.

Weather can be frustrating

Writers | Anita Head Last edited 02/09/19
The combines all around were parked up while we waited for some calmer weather.

What an absolute mess!

Writers | Last edited 02/09/19
Nick is presumably not alone in believing that very many of the news stories fed to us through our news media are untrue.

Lobby your MP about seasonal worker permits

Writers | Sarah Calcutt Last edited 02/09/19
Why was I in Belgium?