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A reasonably good start to 2021

Writers | Alan West Last edited 01/03/21
I suspect that a significant number of sheep producers are currently very close to achieving carbon neutral.

Impact of leaving the EU masked

Writers | Stephen Carr Last edited 01/03/21
I’m not one to sulk for long and now that we’ve left the EU every farmer has to try to make the best of it.

I have a high risk of losing money!

Writers | Elved Philips Last edited 01/03/21
We all know that the UK still has to import a lot of wheat and maize to see us through to harvest.

Network of highly skilled professional trainers

Features | Malcolm Triggs Last edited 01/03/21
Delivering a bespoke service that combines personal knowledge with a network of highly skilled, professional trainers in an unbeatable range of land-based disciplines.

Totting up demand for local produce

Features | Nigel Akehurst Last edited 01/03/21
Nigel Akehurst meets Sarah Wareham at Tottingworth Farms, a third-generation family business raising award winning cattle and sheep alongside an abattoir, farm shop and cafe.

Preserving our heritage

Features | Malcolm Triggs Last edited 01/03/21
Preserving the heritage of this country’s finest old buildings means investing in the future as much as in the past.

Good news for sheep farmers

Writers | Monica Akehurst Last edited 01/03/21
There are higher prices for hoggets, both finished and stores, and even the cull ewes are fetching decent money.

Show me the law

News | Malcolm Triggs Last edited 01/03/21
The owner of a Kent bee business who has fallen foul of the confusion around the post-Brexit status of Northern Ireland has vowed to defy officials who have threatened to seize and destroy 15 million of the vital pollinators.