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300 acres of mixed agricultural land

Property | Last edited 23/09/20
The Penhurst Estate offers a rare opportunity to purchase 300 acres of mixed agricultural land.

Biking the South Downs Way

Writers | Stephen Carr Last edited 23/09/20
To find myself on the Downs on a mountain bike, rather than in the seat of a tractor, Land Rover or combine, was disconcerting.

Harvest report

Arable | Last edited 23/09/20
What a difference a year makes!

Worst harvest of all time

Writers | Elved Philips Last edited 23/09/20
Some say we have just had the poorest harvest for 40 years, but I think that if you add the awful growing season from last autumn, it makes it the worst of all time.

Comprehensive range on display

Features | Malcolm Triggs Last edited 17/09/20
A long-established business with strong links to the farming community is relocating to a more rural location in a more flexible building.

Delivering nutrients to the soil

Features | Malcolm Triggs Last edited 17/09/20
ACS collects, sells, stockpiles and spreads every last tonne of treated sewage sludge – more properly known as biosolids – produced in Kent, Sussex and Hampshire by Southern Water.

Farm Dispersal Sale

Events | Last edited 17/09/20
Thursday October 1st 2020

Losing respect for the service

Writers | Nick Adames Last edited 16/09/20
The fact remains that farmers’ problems are generally treated with little interest by Sussex Police