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Exclusive deal extended

Arable | Last edited 17/07/19
Openfield Group Limited, the British farmer-owned co-operative, and the Bristol Port Company have announced that they have agreed to extend their unique working relationship.

New fungicide with a difference

Fruit | Last edited 16/07/19
Soriale will help control scab in apples and pears. It works directly and indirectly, stimulating the plants own defence mechanism.

New vaccine to help tackle Mycoplasma Bovis

Livestock | Last edited 16/07/19
A new import vaccine could offer a cost-effective option to protect against Mycoplasma Bovis, with trials now under way on four dairy farms.

Barton opens eyes to black-grass options

Arable | Last edited 15/07/19
The Syngenta Barton Black-grass Focus Site is now approaching its third year of harvest results, involving a complex matrix of trials investigating integrated control techniques. It is giving growers a valuable insight into the long-term implications of different options.

Kent producer set for record strawberry yield

Fruit | Last edited 15/07/19
A local supplier is on course to deliver its highest ever yield of British strawberries thanks to a blossoming partnership with Aldi, the UK’s fifth largest supermarket.

Scientists looking for Cabbage Stem Flea Beetles

News | Last edited 11/07/19
The call for insects is part of a project to determine if a wasp recently discovered to parasitise the beetles might be an effective bio-control agent.

New forage inoculant range replaces Biotal brand in the UK

Arable | Last edited 11/07/19
New bacteria combination boosts stability and increases flexibility of clamp opening.

Strawberry-picking robots

Fruit | Last edited 11/07/19
Wimbledon fans, who consume 34 thousand kilos of strawberries every year, could one day get their strawberries picked by a small group of new robots, developed in Europe, that use photonics to detect a fruit, and are capable of gathering enough berries for the championships in less than a week.