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Lameness in dairy cows

Livestock | Last edited 02/01/19
Emily Craven of Westpoint Farm Vets asks how much lameness can, or should we, tolerate in a dairy cows?

Where are the old scalpings?

Writers | Nick Adames Last edited 02/01/19
Like many farms in years past we used large quantities of what were once called road scalpings.

New calculators available to help permitted pig and poultry farmers

Livestock | Last edited 16/01/19
Pig and poultry farmers will soon be able to demonstrate compliance with new permitting rules, using two new, simple calculators, free of charge.

Countryside Stewardship: a waste of time or lifeline?

Property | Last edited 02/01/19
There are many issues affecting Countryside Stewardship writes Harry Broadbent-Combe of Batcheller Monkhouse.

What is a sheep?

Writers | Alan West Last edited 02/01/19
Most of us would consider the wild ancestors of all our domestic sheep, the Urial, and the European Moufl on, from which all of the 2,000 plus sheep breeds around the world have descended, to be more akin to goats than the sheep we know.

Just in time

Writers | Stephen Carr Last edited 02/01/19
With the threat of input imports being cut off I’ve had to abandon ‘just in time’ on my farm.

Winter wheat on every acre?

Writers | Elved Philips Last edited 02/01/19
There is still much bullish talk about UK exporters accepting WTO (World Trade Organisation) tariffs.

Free trade space

Events | Last edited 15/01/19
Initiative providing free trade space to new Kent businesses returns to 2019 Kent County Show.