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Boost calf daily live weight gain this summer with ad-lib feeding

Livestock | Last edited 07/06/21
Dairy farmers are being advised to consider ad-lib feeding this summer to boost dairy heifer calf growth and lifetime yield potential.

Be clever about post-harvest cultivations

Arable | Last edited 07/06/21
Recent seasons have highlighted the need to make soils more resilient to wet and dry conditions. Leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons says a key starting point is choosing the right post-harvest cultivations.

Sign up to webinar on colostrum quality and piglet performance

Events | Last edited 02/06/21
With one week to go, Lallemand Animal Nutrition and AHDB are inviting the pig industry to join them for an insightful webinar delving into one of the most important aspects of pig production, colostrum quality.

Don’t ignore threat from Turnips Yellows Virus

Arable | Last edited 02/06/21
OSR growers should be aware of the risk from TuYV as results from a recent survey confirms that one third of susceptible UK crops are infected, with severe implications on yields, warns plant breeders Limagrain UK.

New Orondis Plus adds extra for disease protection in onion and lettuce

Arable | Last edited 02/06/21
The launch of new Orondis Plus will give onion and lettuce growers a valuable new tool to add to fungicide programmes this season.

Variable rate drilling more accessible than ever

Arable | Last edited 02/06/21
An exciting and affordable variable rate conversion kit comes to market.

LEAF Open Farm Sunday 2021

Events | Last edited 27/05/21
Size does matter this year!

Practical steps towards better OSR results this autumn

Arable | Last edited 27/05/21
With oilseed rape prices significantly higher than this time last year, there could be more of the crop going into the ground this autumn. But before making a final decision, leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons urges growers to think carefully about how they will get crops to perform well amidst the many establishment challenges.