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Use disease risk forecasting model to prioritise fungicide sprays

Arable Last edited 05/04/22
Spraying opportunities are often limited in spring so identifying fields to prioritise for treatment is key to effective disease control is the advice from Hutchinsons head of ICM, Dave Howard.

Building biomass drives higher yields

Arable Last edited 01/04/22
Ten years since the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) was launched, growers and agronomists are gaining a clearer understanding of how biomass drives yield potential.

Heat stress proves major pain point for potato growers

Arable Last edited 01/04/22
Record temperatures over the spring equinox weekend for many were a timely reminder that the climate is getting hotter, and not for the better for potato crops.

Boost for crop research

Arable Last edited 16/03/22
Parliamentary approval of new gene editing rules is a boost for crop research says NIAB.

Act early to stop yellow rust and Septoria

Arable Last edited 15/02/22
Early action will be key to preventing yellow rust and Septoria gaining a foothold in crops as we enter the main spring growing period, according to leading agronomy firm Hutchinsons.

A world first – Foliar fertiliser manufactured from recycled batteries

Arable Last edited 07/02/22
ZM-Grow is the first zinc and manganese foliar fertiliser to be made from used alkaline batteries.

New spring oat varieties pushing shift in the market

Arable Last edited 19/01/22
Stronger varieties are coming to the market.

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