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Warm winter primes aphids for early flights

Arable Last edited 14/03/19
Aphids will start to fly about two weeks earlier than average this year, according to the AHDB Aphid News service.

Tackle mildew early in high risk cereal crops

Arable Last edited 14/03/19
Certis is warning growers to tackle mildew early in high risk cereal crops this spring.

Check OSR now to prevent boron deficiency

Arable Last edited 14/03/19
Experts warn that boron still goes underused and forgotten on many farms.

Early disease control strategies for winter wheat

Arable Last edited 12/03/19
Aside from a cold snap at the beginning of February which eased disease pressure in many parts of the country, for the majority of this autumn and winter we have experienced mild weather conditions favourable to disease development and many varieties are highly susceptible to key diseases.

Farmers already sowing grass to get an early bite

Arable Last edited 12/03/19
Livestock farmers have been out earlier than usual drilling new grass leys.

Stop chickweed taking over the grass in fields this spring

Arable Last edited 11/03/19
Treat chickweed now and reseed any bare patches.

Take early action on maize weeds

Arable Last edited 05/03/19
Maize growers this season will have impending challenges of herbicide active restrictions being imposed. Growers and agronomists will have to look closer at tailoring appropriate tank mixes to weed issues, and improve application techniques to get the best possible results from each treatment.

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