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Time for growers to take a closer look at their soils

Arable Last edited 08/01/19
The AHDB GREATsoils programme has been signposted as a vital resource and tool for growers as part of two new soil qualifications from BASIS, the independent standards setting and auditing organisation.

Concern for carrot growers

Arable Last edited 21/12/18
Mounting concern for carrot growers on emergency approval for neonicotinoids.

Potato production hits lowest level since 2012

Arable Last edited 21/12/18
The total potato harvest is 13% down on the five-year average of 5.6m tonnes at 4.9m tonnes, according to the annual Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) estimate.

No or min tillage is not a silver bullet solution for soil carbon

Arable Last edited 07/12/18
The government should not rely on no or min tillage as a guaranteed way of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in post-Brexit farming policy, according to a new Soil Association briefing paper.

Seed drill trials begin

Arable Last edited 26/11/18
A scientific trial has begun on Romney Marsh, to test the efficiency of three types of seed drill in the battle against black grass.

Plant teams give farmers a boost in intercropping field lab

Arable Last edited 28/11/18
Farmers have been reaping the benefits of growing two crops side by side, in an intercropping field lab with the Innovative Farmers network.

Manage soils now to prevent water pollution

Arable Last edited 22/11/18
‘Think Water’, ‘Metazachlor matters’, and ‘Get Pelletwise’ are pesticide stewardship initiatives which aim to limit contamination of drinking water with actives such as metazachlor, propyzamide, carbetamide and metaldehyde.

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