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Move to a Verticillium tolerant variety

Arable Last edited 29/07/20
ADAS are instructing growers and agronomists to look out for plants that are ripening prematurely. If this is due to Phoma stem canker, a planned programme of a tolerant variety plus a chemical programme will reduce disease. If it is due to Verticillium, the only thing you can do is move to a variety that has Verticillium wilt tolerance as there are no chemical solutions at all.

Cost-effective Keeper

Arable Last edited 24/07/20
Two independent seed specialists, one in Nottinghamshire and one in Kent, are both keen on the conventional rape variety Keeper. Mainly because it can be established at low input costs and it has been bred specifically for the UK. They explain their views.

Wilt rapidly to reduce dry matter losses from silage

Arable Last edited 01/07/20
Dry matter losses are costing UK farmers an average of £25/tonne DM. But simple changes to silaging practices could help cut this cost.

Anti resistance strategy in potatoes

Arable Last edited 01/07/20
Resistance strains to the highly popular blight fungicide fluazinam developed in the UK population probably because of over use of a single active. Barrie Hunt of Gowan Crop Protection reports that there is no known resistance to Electis and there has been no shift in its status over the past 19 years of use.

Black-grass experience inspires farmer to share his story

Arable Last edited 30/06/20
A serious black-grass problem meant a big re-think for Berkshire farmer Rob Waterston.

Front line fungicide for carrots

Arable Last edited 30/06/20
Specialist agronomist Howard Hinds of Root Crop Consultancy reports on the use of a pioneering designed machine to clip carrot foliage.

New scheme means growers won’t pay for failed OSR

Arable Last edited 30/06/20
Oilseed rape growers taking part in a risk mitigation scheme now have even further support, thanks to the launch of a new incentive from Agrovista.

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