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Exciting new off-patent prothioconazole fungicide Aurelia comes to market

Arable Last edited 17/03/20
This spring, Life Scientific will launch their very own off-patent prothioconazole fungicide, Aurelia, onto the UK market.

Farmer-led research

Arable Last edited 19/12/19
Chance for farmers to lead research into flea beetle solutions.

Survey gives 2020 vision into wheat disease woes

Arable Last edited 13/12/19
Nearly every farmer was highly concerned about the revocation of chlorothalonil.

Spring crop trials bring boost to black-grass battle

Arable Last edited 26/11/19
Spring barley offers a much more competitive option than spring wheat.

Failed OSR will not affect spring N limits

Arable Last edited 22/11/19
Failed oilseed rape that received autumn nitrogen will not impact on Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) limits for any replacement crop sown in the spring, advises agronomy firm Farmacy.

Rescue mission needed for backward cereal crops

Arable Last edited 14/11/19
Backward and slow-emerging winter cereal crops produced by late drilling will need careful nurturing through winter to minimise any further growth setbacks and set them up properly for spring, says agronomy firm, ProCam.

Last period for CTL purchase

Arable Last edited 16/10/19
Don’t miss out on chlorothalonil for Septoria and Ramularia control next spring.

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