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Be prepared for utility works and Compulsory Purchase

Property Last edited 27/01/20
Many readers, including both tenant farmers and landowners, will have land affected by utility lines; whether water, sewage, gas, electricity or telecommunications, writes Harry Broadbent-Combe, one of the Batcheller Monkhouse specialists in compulsory purchase.

What does the future hold for the farmland market?

Property Last edited 27/01/20
The farmland market remained subdued in 2019, largely due to prolonged political and economic uncertainty leading to record low farmland supply.

What is a five year housing land supply?

Property Last edited 02/01/20
Planning applications for residential development are often justified by saying that the council doesn’t have a “five year supply of housing land.” But what does this mean exactly? And why is it so critical?

End of year property review

Property Last edited 25/11/19
2020 and beyond.

Peacefully located Wealden farm

Property Last edited 29/10/19
Rumsden Farm is a peacefully located Wealden farm with beautiful views to the South Downs.

Views to the sea

Property Last edited 09/10/19
About 87.3 acres of pasture located to the west of Normans Bay, Pevensey, East Sussex.

200 acres of downland

Property Last edited 02/09/19
A versatile, ring-fenced parcel of 197 acres of downland has come to the market in East Sussex.

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