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Buzz of excitement

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 28/02/20
I hear you ask, “Why has he done this?” Well I sometimes ask myself that too…

I will need careful nurturing this spring

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 28/02/20
Poor grain prices throughout most of the autumn and winter haven’t exactly helped my morale.

Get on and sell

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 28/02/20
Well, another month has gone by; and not much has changed in the UK in terms of the weather or the markets!

Exciting conversations

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 28/02/20
Well the weather, coronavirus and Brexit didn’t reduce the rate of visitors to Fruit Logistica this year.

Son-in-laws arrived bearing gifts

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 28/02/20
By coincidence this weekend both son-in-laws arrived bearing gifts of home made sourdough.

We live in exciting times

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 28/02/20
There are an awful lot of Cummings and goings in Downing Street at the moment and I would suggest that the only personalities 100% safe there are the Prime Minister, Dylan his dog and Dominic himself.

Large animal vets are vital

Writers Last edited 28/02/20
While our vet was at the farm for his routine bi-weekly visit we embarked upon our usual banter of “how much a vets call out costs?”

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