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What is a sheep?

Writers Alan West Last edited 02/01/19
Most of us would consider the wild ancestors of all our domestic sheep, the Urial, and the European Moufl on, from which all of the 2,000 plus sheep breeds around the world have descended, to be more akin to goats than the sheep we know.

Just in time

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 02/01/19
With the threat of input imports being cut off I’ve had to abandon ‘just in time’ on my farm.

Winter wheat on every acre?

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 02/01/19
There is still much bullish talk about UK exporters accepting WTO (World Trade Organisation) tariffs.

I do spend some time working on the farm

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 02/01/19
May voted to remain, and yet is trying to implement the democratic vote to leave. Corbyn wants to spend, spend, spend and tax anyone who owns anything, particularly land. What a pig’s muddle!

Sheep– Full of little surprises

Writers Alan West Last edited 26/11/18
Many a new breeder, particularly those with a fat wallet, ego to match and little experience, think that by buying champion ewes and rams they will breed champions.

Upsides not enough

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 26/11/18
From a country pretty much endemic with bovine TB it was, within some 15 years almost eradicated, until limp politicians, worried at the prospect of a small minority, stopped the project in the 1970s.

Early crops look like cabbage fields

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 26/11/18
As we come to the last month of the year I can only look back to what has been the most benign autumn of my career.

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