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Thank goodness I invested in a borehole

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 24/08/18
Readers may have gathered over time from these columns that my disdain for Deathra remains undiminished.

Take a trip to the wool board

Writers Alan West Last edited 24/08/18
There will always be, for any product, an equilibrium point where prices are such that demand will be equal to supply.

Chequers deal on Brexit is “one great fudge”

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 24/08/18
Last month we were just finishing oilseed rape and starting winter wheat. The weather was dry and most of the country was a tinder box with livestock farmers everywhere worried about grass and fodder.

What happens when you go out

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 24/08/18
We had barely boarded the train for Victoria before the phone buzzed in my pocket.

Wheat crop only 5% down

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 24/08/18
For international hedge funds and grain speculators around the world, there has been a near perfect storm during August.

Bring back two years of national service

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 24/08/18
TB was close to being eradicated in the seventies and it was only tree huggers and animal rights activists who prevented us from completing the job.

Our combine burst into flames

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 24/08/18
My husband was shocked when initially several cars finding their road blocked by a smoking combine simply fled.

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