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Autumn calves born

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 26/11/18
Fly tipping will surely increase, now that local tips have instigated charges for disposing of rubbish responsibly. Machinery thefts, dog attacks on livestock, trespassers and poachers are also on the rise.

Get any deal done

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 26/11/18
Is the whole country becoming so wet that an individual is unable to take mere words on the chin that might vaguely upset them?

Concerns about a Clearfield variety of oilseed rape

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 12/11/18
What an extraordinary autumn: warm, largely dry, with enough rain to germinate crops and allow application of residual herbicides with the hope they might work. What could go wrong?

Is the sale of this company an omen?

Writers Last edited 12/11/18
One of the UK’s biggest farming companies, Strutt and Parker Farms, has put itself up for sale for £200 million. “So what?” you may say.

Busy for markets; busy for farmers

Writers Last edited 12/11/18
The writing has been on the wall from mid summer when it was clear that fodder supplies, the availability of vegetable by-products and the maize harvest were going to be hit by our hottest summer for forty years, that farmers were going to have to take some action over stocking before this winter arrived.

Weather and politicians are the challenge

Writers Alan West Last edited 12/11/18
Some years are forgettable. Others lodge themselves very firmly in one’s memory, with 2001 being an example of the latter (those that were around at the time will know why). 2007 for similar reasons and I suspect that 2018 will be another such year, although for quite different reasons.

Lack of water hampers grain barges

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 12/11/18
At best, the UK and world grain market has flatlined for the last few weeks. Prices have stabilised, everyone is waiting for the next key event.

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