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Making agroforestry fit

Events | Last edited 07/02/17
The importance of planning ahead for your farm or smallholding.

Breeding for consistency

Arable | Last edited 07/02/17
Breeding varieties with robust disease resistances that can withstand seasonal challenges and continue to yield consistently is a key focus for breeders Limagrain UK.

Hands free project

Arable | Last edited 07/02/17
Project to farm a hectare of spring barley exclusively with autonomous vehicles at Harper Adams University continues

Late pregnancy nutrition boosts calf and lamb immunity

Livestock | Last edited 07/02/17
With lambing and calving just around the corner, Hasbro talk about the importance of nutrition at this time of year, and how it affects the immunity of newborn lambs and calves.

Processing agreement set to boost domestic quinoa crop

Arable | Last edited 07/02/17
Exclusive three-year processing agreement between Dunns and The British Quinoa Company, underwritten by a joint £50,000 investment.

New field lab to trial novel protein crops

Arable | Last edited 07/02/17
Mole Valley Farmers are running a new ‘field lab’ through the Innovative Farmers network to test the viability of growing combinable organic proteins, in particular Lupins, for animal feed.

Development of this year’s winter oilseed rape crop

Arable | Last edited 07/02/17
A recent survey of 400 British arable farmers who all grow winter oilseed rape, conducted by the Kleffmann Group, reports that 8.3% of the winter oilseed rape crop this year has failed and that there has been a small swing back to conventional/open pollinated varieties.

Agriculture continues to attract a wider audience

News | Last edited 07/02/17
The number of students studying agriculture who do not come from a farming background continues to increase at Writtle University College.