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South East Farmers urged to tighten up BPS submissions

News | Last edited 04/05/16
Farmers across the South East have been urged to tighten up their Basic Payment Submissions in order to avoid delays in payment.

Vet wins award for preventing lameness in sheep

News | Last edited 04/05/16
Oxford vet Ruth Clements has won a national award for her work preventing lameness in sheep.

EU could impose import tariff if we leave

Writers | Elved Philips Last edited 03/05/16
The only predictable thing for sure, about grain markets is they never go in a straight line, up or down, forever.

Aiming to achieve a lot in a short time

Features | Alice Dyer Last edited 03/05/16
In our latest series on the next generation we meet the dynamic dairymen farming in partnership to secure a future in the industry.

Making campers feel at home on a family farm

Features | John Harvey Last edited 03/05/16
Every weekend during the season from Easter to the October half term, Anna and Will Brock’s camp site is booked by families who want to combine an exciting holiday in a big, comfortable tent with the routine of a busy farm. The Brocks live in the Hampshire village of West Worldham with their two children Daisy, who is nine, and Bertie, six. Nearby is Manor Farm, where Will Brock’s parents still live and which is home to the camping holiday business which helps to keep the farm going.

Leaving Europe will not lose us business

Writers | Richard Wood Last edited 03/05/16
I fail to be convinced that on leaving the European free trade area, we are at risk of losing business

Horrified and saddened by Tesco sales pitch

Writers | Monica Akehurst Last edited 03/05/16
It’s good that some farmers have enough fire in their belly to try to raise the profile of the agricultural industry.

Green gas plant expands with giant loan

News | Last edited 03/05/16
Aspley Farms in Hampshire is using £13 million of funding to expand of one of Europe’s largest farm based anaerobic digestion (AD) plants.