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Showcasing success on LEAF Open Farm Sunday

Events | Last edited 22/06/18
Across the country, from Orkney to Jersey, the food and farming industry came together to showcase all that British farmers deliver, as 358 farms opened their gates to the public for LEAF Open Farm Sunday. 26% of which were opening for the first time (94 farms).

Six ‘easy’ management benchmarks for arable farmers

Arable | Last edited 22/06/18
Arable farmers looking to get their business in the best possible shape ahead of the UK leaving the EU are being encouraged to look at six ‘easy to calculate’ management benchmarks as a useful starting point.

Consider clubroot risk in 2019 OSR plans

Arable | Last edited 22/06/18
Clubroot is an increasing problem affecting oilseed rape crops well beyond traditional hotspot areas, and more must be done to manage the risks.

BASF black-grass battle bus goes on tour

Events | Last edited 22/06/18
Growers plagued by black-grass should keep a look-out for the BASF Black-grass Battle Bus which will be visiting several key events this summer.

UK carrot growers break new ground with organic promotion

Arable | Last edited 12/06/18
A group of growers which together represent the largest market share of UK organic carrots has formed an association to launch a major new promotional initiative.

Top yielding Clearfield varieties in NIABTAG trials

Arable | Last edited 12/06/18
Many more farmers are trying out the new oilseed rape Clearfield system this year. But some are hesitant to step into this system because yields of Clearfield varieties are thought to be lower than non-Clearfield ones.

Start fungicide programmes now to beat potato blight this season

Arable | Last edited 11/06/18
Potato growers should start fungicide programmes now and ensure they have considered fungicide resistance management to stay on top of key diseases.

Schoolchildren enjoy Essex Schools Food and Farming day

Events | Last edited 11/06/18
More than 3,000 primary schoolchildren from 60 Essex schools visited the eleventh food and farming day.