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Farmland in East Sussex to let

Property | Last edited 02/09/14
Land at Red House Farm in East Sussex is one block of about 48.46 acres of agricultural land and is to let through Batcheller Monkhouse.

Harvest record for Berkshire farm

Arable | Last edited 02/09/14
For the first time in many years, Randall Farms Ltd near Maidenhead in Berkshire finished its wheat harvest by the end of July.

Nearly full in record time

Arable | Last edited 02/09/14
This year the first load of oilseed rape was delivered to Weald Granary in Kent at the end of June, one calendar month earlier than last year.

Farm started with milk round

Features | John Harvey Last edited 02/09/14
Randall Farms Ltd in Berkshire is on light soils and has decided on a complete break from the past. In future, a combination of modern technology and almost no cultivations will be used to improve the soil and make the arable crops healthier. The results so far look promising.

Securing storage for the future

Features | Last edited 02/09/14
ICA/STS projects: AC Hulme / Simon Bray

How fit are your ewes?

Writers | Alan West Last edited 02/09/14
I recently attended an excellent ewe Body Condition Scoring update session run by EBLEX and hosted by Hadlow College.

Good sized land parcels

Property | Last edited 02/09/14
Park farmland and buildings Shelvin, Wootton, Kent is on the market from Hobbs Parker.

Disastrous wheat price

Writers | Stephen Carr Last edited 02/09/14
It’s a job to know what to write (that any editor would print), about this year’s harvest price of £105 per tonne for wheat. It’s such a disastrous price it’s enough to cause those of us old enough to remember to pause, scratch our heads and try to think back to earlier decades in our farming careers for points of reference to determine: “Are things today that bad, really?”