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UK wheat remains the enigma

Writers | Elved Philips Last edited 03/08/15
In the south of England as expected, the winter barley on chalk has been the crop of the year so far

Family and neighbours help out

Features | John Harvey Last edited 03/08/15
Charlie Flindt and his wife Hazel are tenants of the National Trust at Manor Farm, Hinton Ampner, in Hampshire. With help from his family and neighbouring farmers, Mr Flindt has found a way of farming which allows him to spend as much time as possible with his wife and children and enjoy other pleasures as well.

Take a dead pigeon into the classroom

Writers | Richard Wood Last edited 03/08/15
There is a paucity of talent and lack of charisma in the four candidates who have been chosen to lead the Labour Party back from the brink.

Rules changed for fruit growers

NewsFruit | Last edited 03/08/15
Changes to a European Union rule on hedge and tree cutting will help fruit growers.

Potato data doesn’t fit the facts

News | John Harvey Last edited 03/08/15
Misleading comments about the potato industry have been sent to South East Farmer in a press release.

Government attacks green energy projects

News | Last edited 03/08/15
Renewable energy on farms is in doubt after the government began stripping away the subsidies which make projects feasible.

Veterinary group sells farm animal business

News | John Harvey Last edited 03/08/15
Part of a veterinary practice in Hampshire has been sold because it was proving difficult to provide a service for livestock.

Energy giant scraps wind farm

News | John Harvey Last edited 03/08/15
French power giant EDF Energy has pulled out of a wind farm development in Hampshire after the government changed its green energy policies.