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Survey shows wheat growers massively in favour of early disease prevention

Arable | Last edited 22/03/17
UK wheat growers are now massively in favour of preventing disease gaining a foothold early in the season, rather than risking it getting established, according to a new survey.

NSA to give away four lamb weigh crates

News | Last edited 22/03/17
The National Sheep Association (NSA) has announced it has teamed up with IAE to give away four lamb weigh crates during 2017 as part of a membership recruitment prize draw.

Keep soils covered for financial gain

Arable | Last edited 22/03/17
Building cover crops into rotations will deliver financial rewards in the long run, growers have been advised.

Farmers warned over second-hand sale of rodenticides

News | Last edited 22/03/17
Farmers who pass on professional rodenticides to unauthorised users are being warned they could pay the penalty.

Sclerotinia infection risk forecasts return

Arable | Last edited 21/03/17
Sclerotinia infection risk forecasts will soon be available from the AHDB website to help growers decide if, when and where to spray.

Powdery mildew alert

Arable | Last edited 21/03/17
Growers are warned to stay vigilant for signs of powdery mildew in wheat and barley crops this spring.

Royal County of Berkshire Show new appointments

Events | Last edited 21/03/17
Introducing this year’s Royal County of Berkshire Show president and chairman.

Livestock farmers urged to post-mortem suspected cases of Schmallenberg disease

Livestock | Last edited 20/03/17
Livestock producers across the country are being urged to submit lambs with suspected Schmallenberg virus (SBV) for post-mortem examination as the number of confirmed cases continues to grow.