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Looking in Hadlow College’s futuristic prototype

News | Last edited 10/08/18
The launch of Hadlow College’s prototype is set to take the farming industry by storm. With the device recently unveiled to the public at this year’s Kent County Show, what exactly are its capabilities and how will it change the future of farming?

Harvest and storage of pulses

Arable | Last edited 10/08/18
The latest information on the pulse crop in Britain.

Is this Britain’s first Gin Nouveau?

Arable | Last edited 10/08/18
Copper Rivet Distillery harvests grain for 2018 Dockyard Gin.

Grass shortage adds to parasite problems in sheep

Livestock | Last edited 10/08/18
Sheep are still at risk from worms and Nematodirus despite the hot weather, according to reports from across the country.

Milk samples could contribute to disease surveillance

Livestock | Last edited 09/08/18
Milk from bulk storage tanks could be used for foot-and-mouth disease testing.

Tramline trials used to test winter wheat nitrogen accuracy

Arable | Last edited 09/08/18
An innovative set of trials has helped farmers test the accuracy of nitrogen (N) management in their winter wheat crops.

New treatment for coccidiosis in beef calves

Livestock | Last edited 08/08/18
With coccidiosis in beef calves an increasing issue, a product used for the treatment of coccidiosis in pigs, horses and dairy cattle has now been licensed for use in beef.

Delay spraying weeds

Arable | Last edited 08/08/18
In grass fields suffering from drought, delay spraying weeds is the advice given.