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Egg producers on the edge

News | Last edited 15/08/18
Price increase “desperately needed” as egg producers are pushed to the brink.

More straw baled

News | Last edited 15/08/18
Survey results show more straw has been baled in the UK across all straw types this year.

Farmers not getting full picture on wormers

Livestock | Last edited 14/08/18
Cattle farmers are not receiving all of the appropriate information they need to make evidence-based wormer choices, regardless of whether they buy from vets, Suitably Qualified Persons (SQP) or vet pharmacists.

Fruit grower signs up to test raspberry harvesting robot system

Fruit | Last edited 14/08/18
Innovative robots could soon be picking raspberries in the South East after a soft-fruit grower signed up to test a new harvesting system.

New hop garden to double hop yield

Arable | Last edited 14/08/18
Hogs Back prepares for fourth and final harvest on current site.

Shape the future

News | Last edited 14/08/18
NFYFC launches new five year plan to help shape the future of the rural youth organisation.

Top tips for calf rearing

Livestock | Last edited 14/08/18
Top tips for heifer rearing have been outlined in a new video by AHDB which showcases the results of their Calf to Calving (C2C) programme.

Demand soars to fill the feed gap

Arable | Last edited 14/08/18
Demand for fast-growing Westerwolds grasses has increased ten-fold this year, as farmers try to replenish a shortage of fodder, according to DLF Seeds.