With great temerity I wrote to the PM one month ago to remind him that possibly his right hand man and enforcer may well have contributed to the Tories gaining an 80 seat majority, but on the strength of that Mr Cummings now believes he is God. Not everybody believes in God and it would be advantageous if Dominic was brought down to earth and the sooner the better. The man is arrogant, as displayed by his manner of dress and his demeanour. How he can have any vision when his head is so far up his bottom I fail to see. On a positive note however, I do believe the reigning in of the autonomous power of the Chancellor of the Exchequer and his cohorts, to encouraging debate and joined up thinking between the occupants of Number 10 and Number 11, is a refreshing and sound idea.

We live in exciting times – the Marxist Party trying to find a new leader while being in total denial of the public’s distaste for Corbyn, the ability of students to engage in activism over any topic that offends their woke agenda, and the continuing saga of Bercow pleading unfairness in his inability to gain a seat in the House of Lords. The little man is a cross between Dominic Cummings and a doughnut – pretentious on the outside and full of rubbish in the middle.

The first house Management and I purchased 50 years ago was low lying and had a natural pond in the garden. We decided after a few years to ditch the risk of being flooded and currently live 300ft above sea level. Having said that, I feel desperately sorry for those living in areas that just cannot consistently be protected from the elements. However, I think it ridiculous that these victims find it necessary to berate Boris for not visiting them – as if he were King Canute! They should instead be questioning their local planning authorities, who out of greed rather than necessity, permitted development on potential flood plains. I imagine the desire to rake in rate returns and garner bribes from development companies must have been hard to resist.

I had cause to speak to a young friend of mine from farming stock who has failed the theory test for his driving licence four times. At the age of 12 this lad could reverse my truck and trailer far better than I could, so there is no question about his practical ability. The theory test has a possible 721 scenarios and questions, of which the examinee is presented with 50 of them taken at random, and is required to pass this test with 86% success. How many of us who have been on the road for 40 years or more would sail through this torture? Not me, and I got 4’O’ levels.

While on the topic of motoring, I find it ridiculous that the government is pandering to the Green Lobby by announcing that it will be illegal to buy a new petrol or diesel vehicle after 2035. Technology advances rather quicker than the mental powers of our bureaucrats, and I can quite see that carbon emissions will be satisfactorily harnessed within 15 years before we have the need to drive around in sewing machines with wing mirrors. Did “adblue” technology exist in 2010? Are all vehicles not markedly more fuel efficient and less polluting this century than the last? What is wrong with self-charging hybrids? Will every house – including those without their own parking spaces – have overnight charging points? This whole problem needs more thought than has been given to it thus far.

What a crazy autumn we have had. At the time of writing (19 February) there was no sign of winter. My batch of late born Kent wethers were luxuriating on a local farm, which despite having little or no grass in late October, has continued to provide a young fresh sward right up to now, and the sheep are skipping about like Liberal Democrats at a party convention – my sheep too are thin on the ground!

Management, I fear, is about to ask me to fire up the lawn mower – she was already sniffing the air in Mid-February!

One more thought on Extinction Rebellion and other activists who regularly create mayhem and cost to society. Are you the same ones who require pubs and clubs to be open until 6.00 am, necessitating our police force being on duty 24/7? Are you the same ones who keep A&E departments on duty to help you with your hang-overs? Think about it you load of selfish wastes of space. Hopefully one day you will grow up and do something useful in society rather than denigrating it.