Now that the new PM is in No. 10, let us all hope that the last three years, which have been a total debacle, can be put behind the Tory Party and they can start to bring themselves together along with our country as well. I rather dread the next general election, given that the opposition have spent all those years campaigning, while the Conservative Party members have been either knocking lumps off each other or navel gazing.

May I have the temerity to offer a few ideas that might just give them the edge when they finally hit the campaign trail:

  1. The Peterborough by-election was fiddled – have you thought to ask the Electoral Commission what proportion of the enormous number of postal votes were in favour of Labour? I know the answer to that question will be way out of proportion to the overall vote.

  2. When did you last remind the electorate that at the end of every Labour administration the finances of this Country were shot, and particularly at the end of the last one when a Treasury Minister left a note on his desk to that effect. Further, you should put it in plain words that the last 10 years of austerity have been necessitated from the effects of Gordon Brown’s so called economic policies.

  3. Why have you not reminded the lefties that the feel-good factor during Blair’s tenure was funded by PFI’s – privately funded initiatives. Yes, a lot of new hospitals were built – at enormous cost but with extraordinary beneficial contracts to the providers, many of whom have sold the contracts on at a huge profit. Given that it is recorded in some instances that it costs the NHS £130 to change a light bulb, no wonder our health service is short of funds. It would be a help of course if the individual hospitals had the backbone to make health tourists pay before their procedures. Thinking about it, that is a job that could be given to the private sector and pay them on commission!

  4. Why have you failed to highlight what is going to happen to our country when the Marxists get in and carry out their declared fiscal policies? Reduced inward investment, entrepreneurs fleeing the country, strikes on an industrial scale, increasing unemployment are a few scenarios that come to mind. McDonnel’s latest offering is to decree that more services are directly provided by local councils and civil servants. Well right now, civil servants do not bother to collect fines for motoring offences by foreign vehicles, non-payment of Dartford crossing tolls by foreign vehicles, and as mentioned before, non-payment of operations given to health tourists. Will they have time to collect your dustbin?

  5. When will you remind the electorate that our academic institutions from primary school upwards are riven with lefties who are already coercing students into believing that activism and rebellion is the norm – to hell with democracy. Half a million kids enter further education each year and the majority of these will vote for the state to look after them while they twiddle their fingers.

  6. Given that an increasing number of MP’s have had little or no experience of working in the commercial world, and would not understand the aspirations of people who toil, how about spending less time appeasing the far left and the far right and just do what is necessary to satisfy Middle England – the only section of society who actually have a stake in and care for the future of this country.

On the farming front, I recall that about a month ago Tesco’s had a problem with their major supplier of chickens, when it was discovered that the husbandry was not up to scratch. Given that all supermarkets are keen to be competitive with the cost of this produce, little wonder that producers have to cut their costs to the minimum in order to supply a whole bird for less than a fiver! We hear that £15 billion of farm gate produce is thrown away each year and therefore one can conclude that food is too cheap.

Management remarked the other day that the only thing I ever leave on my plate is the knife and fork!

Finally, if anybody knows my chief critic and loyal reader from Sussex, could they please remind him that the leading lights in “extinction rebellion” are not actually concerned about the environment – they merely use the movement as a vehicle to enhance their vowed intention of disrupting democracy and destroying capitalism. The whole thing is a sham and many gullible people have been sucked into it – Becvar included.