Monday 21 October – a miserable day – too wet outside to do anything, so come 2pm I thought I would sit down with Management and see if I could learn anything about farming on the radio soap The Archers – “An everyday tale about country folk”.

Pretty much a wasted 15 minutes really – although I did hear mention of a sheep with a sore foot and somebody trying to get a recording of a foxtrot! No mention of the fact that farming on all fronts is in the doldrums – lamb prices on the floor – beef the lowest it has been for years, cereals not in demand either, while at the same time, Tesco deems it appropriate to depict a six year old child persuading her father to eat a vegan sausage and forgo a proper one.

This is the same supermarket who a few years ago claimed they are the farmer’s best customer! I purchased last week a lamb from a wholesaler at £4.25/kg and had it expertly butchered for £10 to give a total price of £78.20. Later, I did my usual swoop along my local supermarket’s chillers and saw pint-sized whole legs for £22, half shoulders for £13 and chops of various sorts for £15/kg. The legs and the shoulders came to £92 which left the supermarket with 16 loin chops, neck fillets, breasts, kidneys, liver, heart and other bits and pieces to divide among their shareholders. We’ve nurtured the lamb for six months and its mother for a year – they have not even had it for six days. If you want a bit of meat for goodness sake go to your local butcher while you still have one!

Watching TV news programmes remains a gruesome pastime, particularly since every outside broadcast is high-jacked by a loon with a loud voice – I assume he will go back on the dole when Brexit is settled – who pays him and all the other professional activists in, for example, Rebellion Extinction? I continue to marvel at the energy being expanded by our prime minister who continues to be attacked from all points of the political compass, while witnessing everyday the Marx Brothers Corbyn and McDonnell, who’s only desire is to unseat the government at any cost. Parliament must stink with the stench of hypocrisy.

I think it is high time our news broadcasters learnt the difference between men and boys. It would appear that if you have committed a crime at any age above 16, you are a man, but if you are the victim of crime and under the age of 19 you are a youth. Mind you, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to have the temerity to accuse anybody of being a man, boy, woman or girl for fear of being sued. Political correctness gone absolutely stark staring raving mad! As for some poor school kids having to share gender neutral toilet facilities – I can think of nothing more crass. Even Management shuts the door when she goes for a pee!

In among these negative thoughts of mine, it has been great to witness the Rugby World Cup, and in particular, enjoy the interaction between the teams of different countries. It has also been refreshing to watch Japan, who despite their lack of size, have had the wit and skill to adapt their game in order to compete. It is a great shame that a team with a pack of 4WD juggernauts will inevitably beat less high-powered models and the laws at present do nothing to level the playing field. When somebody actually perishes on the field the laws will be changed and for my money not soon enough. Skill should trump size.

It is still raining while I finish this article, but I look forward to a day in market tomorrow to watch my four finished cattle struggle to break even. Management is not impressed but understands.

One question for the supporters of Marxism. When McDonnell has nationalised everything possible, presuming all the employees will become civil servants, does this mean they too can retire early with “stress” on a full salary pension, and if so, who is going to pay for it, when all the high tax payers have fled the country?

PS. Have just travelled to Ashford Market and could not believe that there are no traffic jams. It suddenly dawned on me that it is half-term. This just proves how much of our traffic in the morning is school related. All schools should be good and all children in the state system should go to their local one. This has advantages in that more could walk there which is good for their health, and it would also be of great benefit to community relations and cut down on C02 emissions.