Monday morning 6.30am – wide awake and got up in order to catch the early news – I lasted about 10 minutes, it’s all so boring and so repetitive, so I decided to put pen to paper – yes I am still not computerised.

One thing is for sure – if the Marxists get in and carry out just 50% of their promises on spending, businesses will collapse and the pound will drop by a minimum of 10%. Not much good if you want a holiday abroad, not much good if you want to buy a German car and not much good for the cost of living. On the plus side however, it would be a shot in the arm for home grown agricultural produce, as has always been the norm under a socialist administration. However, your profit will be taxed at a higher rate.

Another puzzle for me is the demise of moderate Labour MP’s in the centre of the party whose views never get aired anymore. I miss listening to Yvette Cooper trying to be sincere, instead we have the band of brothers promising the earth, Sir Kier Starmer pretending he agrees with them, and Diane Abbott talking ever so loudly about nothing in particular. Her knowledge of anything political could be written on the back of a motorbike!

I recently wrote to the Prime Minister – although I rather suspect his office never let him have sight of the contents. The thrust of my missive was – “every other political party keeps droning on about the austerity measures in place since 2010. Why are these parties never asked to explain what caused the Exchequer to be absolutely penniless and deeply in debt when Gordon Brown got the push? The Conservative Party seem adept at being on the end of criticism, but are sadly lacking when it comes to retaliation.

Another puzzle for me is the Labour mantra of “for the many, not for the few”. I don’t think that this helps me much in deciding where to put my cross on 12 December, because I am not at all sure how far up the ladder of society I have managed to climb, and is it far enough to qualify me for being one of the few? Notwithstanding that, it would appear that a large proportion of the working populace are beginning to realise that free enterprise and the ability to determine one’s own destiny are rather more important than a guarantee that you will be looked after by the state if you have no ambition whatsoever.

Following the recent vote by the Post Office Union to go on strike for most of December, I took it upon myself to speak to some of my local postmen. The first one said that he had to vote in favour, otherwise he would have been given hell by his union and ostracised, and the second one said he voted to go on strike if it only lasted a day or two. Given that the Marxist party has the union movement as its spine, and given that this same party declares itself to be a democracy, it should give the electorate a pretty heavy clue as to how the country could be run under McDonnell and his team of thugs.

Matters arising –the meat trade at last picked up in early November, but not in time to make my foray into beef production a great success. I sent to market a bunch of cattle at the end of October – one of which I returned to the yard as I thought the price was unacceptable. It came back two weeks later and gained 17p/kg – an increase in value of £111.35. Whether you are selling sheep or cattle, please remember that only when there is an element of competition in the trade, do you get a half decent price. When the last auction livestock market shuts its gates you will find prices held down, specifications tightened and Tescos et al telling you how much you may earn.

PS. Management had her hair done the other day. It only took one hour for her to persuade one of the girls not to vote for Corbyn! Can anybody else help?

PPS. A Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year from Management and myself!