In the early hours of 9 June our gorgeous foal “Rebel” appeared. No issues this time, and another filly to add to the bonus. Mr Grumpy now feels that we should be on a horse ban.

The sheep have all been shorn and probably feel 10 tonnes lighter and 100 degrees cooler. Even the ram enjoyed the experience. This year’s crop of lambs seems to have grown exceptionally well and have been thriving after a decidedly wet start to life.

Flaming June has now been and gone, with a few downpours interspersed throughout the month. Glorious sunshine after many months of rain came as a welcome break. The swimming pool has been erected and Teddy has put it to good use so far.

 We have had the wettest spring for years and two months later South East Water decides to put a hose pipe ban in place… I cannot comprehend why. They keep paying the astronomical fines they receive for polluting the watercourses but spend little money on repairing the infrastructure to prevent water loss, which in turn would prevent a hosepipe ban. 

I had made a resolution not to complain in this article, but…

Earlier in the month we were told that we must celebrate the fact that our milk purchaser has decided to “move with the times” and diversify into producing ‘plant-based butter’. A dairy company producing plant-based butter. Seriously? The announcement came after a further 2ppl price decrease was announced – and we are supposed to celebrate. 

In our family we decided to commiserate, and this week for the first time I purchased butter made by a different company in my own little defiant way. We have spent hours completing our climate check, farm assurance and health and safety compliance and at this present moment I struggle to see light at the end of the tunnel. 

We are trying to produce milk more sustainably as we have been requested, or should I say dictated, to do, and then this announcement comes along. It’s insulting. If we had the most amazing milk price, I think we could have accepted the decision a little easier, but to have a price decrease of approximately 17ppl since January and to now be facing plant-based butter being manufactured is insulting to every dairy farm in the country. Surely we should all be focused on the common cause of selling milk?

On a positive note, I followed with interest the journey of a Claas combine harvester being driven from John O’ Groats to Land’s End. Blogger Olly Harrison (I only know this as the boys follow him avidly) and three others decided to raise funds and awareness for Mind mental health charity and Children with Cancer UK. 

What a fantastic achievement. They drove the route over five days at a rate of approximately 200 miles per day, obviously avoiding all motorways. They have raised in excess of £70,000, completely smashing the £10,000 target originally set. To donate to this very worthwhile cause, visit JustGiving – John O’Groats to Land’s End combine challenge. Every little helps, no matter how large or small.

With harvest (which at times can be very stressful) around the corner, if you ever need a friendly chat or a shoulder to cry on Mind is always there. No one should ever have to fight alone.

Until next time, stay safe.