Hardly a day goes by when there is not another report of pre and early teens getting themselves into trouble one way or another. Without being specific it is patently obvious that what they are able to experience and observe on their iPods is going to shape their future wellbeing and subsequent social lives in a very damaging way.

Devices such as these should be banned from all schools forthwith and then at least a proportion of parents with the desire and wit to take a little interest in the upbringing of their offspring may forestall the disaster to which society is inexorably heading. Universities aren’t helping much either. It is apparent that student unions are free to dream up outlandish dogmas that defy or denounce all recent history, ridicule present day logic and hinder future tolerance and understanding.

For example, the intelligentsia of one Oxford University college are promoting the destruction of a statue of Cecil Rhodes and all reference to his achievements on the premise that he promulgated slavery. This outlandish demand was put forward by a scholar whose family had for generations spent all their years under the burning sun, but deemed it advantageous to seek further education in our country.

Further, Sussex University has spawned a union which is demanding that all reference to “he” or “she” be deleted from daily conversation. This will inevitably lead to confusion and disappointment. Picture some young buck eyeing up the possibility of goosing a member of the opposite sex, only to find out that she declared she was a gander!

The department of education are already getting involved in kids’ relationship education at far too early an age and now are having to teach students “citizenship,” both of which subjects should be learnt by example from their parents. Additionally, it is now proposed that teachers demonstrate the sensible and safe way of using all those topics that can be found on the internet.

Management – who educated hundreds of children without access to all this electronic wizardry – is not surprised that there is not enough space in the curriculum to teach English and mathematics – the two core subjects that are needed to get anybody a job anywhere. Why do parents allow their children to spend on average half their leisure time online? Why do schools allow girls to attend class with high hemlines? Why is there no stigma attached to teenage girls having children and as a consequence spending the rest of their lives on the generosity of the state?

I’ve got a few radical ideas. Let’s make parents of both male and female children, who have procreated, be responsible for the upbringing of their grandchildren. Let’s deduct child allowance from parents who do not care if their kids are absent from school, or who disrupt others when they are in attendance. Let’s put drunks and druggies at the back of the queue at A and E. Why not put petty criminals into the Army for a year where they will learn discipline and self respect, rather than overwhelming the prison system. But above all, let’s scrap the ridiculous honours system, where the wealthy benefactors and sponsors are rewarded even further and replace it with a system that rewards those who are in the lower echelons of society, but make great sacrifices to add real value to the lives of their contemporaries.

I fully realise that not everybody will agree with my opinions, but nevertheless, as of today we still live in a democracy. On that note I will change the topic to one of which I have a little knowledge. I have mentioned beforehand that it is patently obvious that the multi species abattoirs, aided and abetted by the supermarket chain, are hell bent on decimating the influence that auction markets have on the meat trade.

These abattoirs are making it impossible for buying agents to source beef from an auction market and consign it immediately to them if they supply a supermarket. Without doubt, the same pressure will soon be applied to sheep meat. The auction system in Northern Ireland and the Republic hardly sell any finished beef or lamb or cull cows, because Larry Goodman and his sidekicks set about closing them down and this they have achieved.

The Irish are over here in great numbers and are close to denying you the producer options as to where you can economically send your finished stock. The message is clear and unequivocal with regard to your local market. If you don’t use it you will lose it. In time you will find it impossible to rear anything for profit, unless you do it in a very big way and are prepared to show your accounts to Tesco and their like.

Having got all that off my chest, I must report that management has taken to having a long walk every day and by hook or crook I persuaded her to walk some distance to my favourite pub, on the premise that I picked her up in the truck for the return journey. This I deemed was a better ruse than pretending I was lookering sheep at midday.

Not all doom and gloom eh!