The last time I went to a council recycling tip it was quite apparent that anybody arriving in a van or pick up would be turned away.

Small wonder therefore that the countryside is littered with illegal tipping sites which have to be cleared at even greater expense by the council themselves – or in many cases, by the unfortunate farmer on whose land the material is deposited. Waste is a global problem and will only get worse unless a drastic re think is given to this national disgrace.

Given that the amount of rubbish emanating from both sides of the house in Westminster is enormous, one could assume that there must be a few experts on the topic! I have recently returned from Brittany where there is absolutely no fly tipping whatsoever and absolutely no sign of litter of any sort anywhere. There are three reasons for this – pride, education and a recycling system that is user friendly.

Within a mile of the house we stayed in was a “dechetterie” where three times a week locals arrive in vehicles of all shapes and sizes and many with trailers to dispose of their waste in 13 different skips and containers – cartons and plastic, metal, furniture, wood, hardcore, clothes and shoes, paper and magazines, glass, waste oil, white goods, electrical appliances, bric-a-brac and finally an enormous area for garden waste. All of this was in the charge of one lovely old boy of about 75 years who was constantly pointing people in the right direction. Is it really outside the realms of possibility for this sort of commitment to be embraced in the UK?

While on the topic of rubbish, having read that David Davis, our former Brexit secretary, reportedly spent only four hours in Brussels over that last 18 months, one must conclude that his interest in the process and his ability to negotiate was pretty minimal. Dominic Raab is a different kettle of fish and is already making waves. Without doubt Barnier and Juncker are on the back foot and we have a platform from which to negotiate.

Sad, isn’t it, that there are far too many MPs to start with, with far too few of their number having any basic skills or experience of any sort whatsoever. Yet they are the ones who shape our future! Finally I take my hat off to Mrs May, who has shown enormous fortitude despite having brickbats thrown at her from all directions. I would love to know how she maintains her energy levels when she is on demand and in the public eye almost 24/7.

MANIFESTO – part two:

  • 1. Legalise against universities preaching a far left wing agenda.
  • 2. Make punishment fit the crime.
  • 3. Base remuneration packages for chairmen of utilities on their performance.
  • 4. Impose a curfew from 1am – 5am in towns and cities.
  • 5. Actively promote apprenticeships.
  • 6. Cut the tax rate.
  • 7. Put policemen on the streets.
  • 8. Make discipline the core topic in secondary education.
  • 9. Reintroduce domestic science to the curriculum.
  • 10. Make it illegal for scooter drivers to have a passenger.

One last thought: management is concerned at the level of my wine consumption. So I have developed a preference for drinking brake fluid – I know it’s not good for me but at least I can stop when I want to!