It is absolutely shocking to witness on a daily basis the proliferation of crime in the UK, particularly those committed by members of gangs in London who are fighting for the territory in which they can supply drugs to those who are stupid enough to crave them.

Idiots are never going to stop sticking this stuff up their noses despite well documented reports on the damage it can do, and despite a recent spate of drug induced fatalities. Given that an incredible amount of money is earned by drug dealers, I would suggest that the use of at least cannabis and cocaine could be legalised and sold through pharmacies and drug stores, where at least the users can be kept an eye on and the revenue would be filtered through to the NHS.

This would also have a positive effect on our police force who are currently investigating nearly 80 murders in London this year, and free them up to concentrate on that other group of low life, the young men and teenagers who are free to ride around on mopeds while stealing phones and expensive watches at will.
I sometimes wonder why I bother to read the newspapers, all of which are mainly full of bad news and generally wind me up. Two recent reports have particularly tightened the spring – a mother dialled 999 because her 11 year old son was not permitted to watch “Love Island” and further he was not allowed to have a haircut in his preferred style. Apparently he became violent and the police duly arrived with flashing blue lights. Before we become soft as a nation a damn good clout would have fixed the problem. The second item also involves the family – apparently 5,000 children from five to eight years are waiting up to six months to have their rotten teeth fixed. Why do dentists and ultimately the NHS have to take the stick for this, when the parents abrogate their own responsibilities.

One of only two retail butchers in Ashford (Kent) – population more than 60,000 – was singled out by the Animal Liberation Front and vegans for a campaign of terror and, as a consequence, the business has received threatening messages on Facebook from all over the world. What is it about minority groups, that they cannot resist the temptation to convert the majority to their often misguided beliefs. Other participants in this futile pursuit are People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, global warming theorists, anti colonialists, the National Union of Teachers, most current university students, probably all university lecturers and anybody else that thinks theirs is the only view that matters.

Management is a very keen gardener and I must say that her display of shrubs and plants this year is the best ever. However, my side of the outfit is not doing so well: I sowed French climbing and runner beans in mid May and have yet to find evidence of even one seed throwing up shoots. The ground was well cultivated and manured over winter – any ideas anybody?

Political correctness has often been featured in various articles and as mentioned many times before, will lead to the ruination of this once great country. Donald Trump does not know what PC is, yet he is achieving landmarks in world politics undreamed of before. Is there not a lesson to be learnt? Those employed in big business make better decisions than professional politicians – many of whom do not know how many beans make four, and seem hell bent on pandering to those who make the most noise and are generally the most needy.

PS: Many thanks to my near neighbour who spent two hours on Saturday night fixing my tractor. Nothing exchanged hands except a profusion of thanks and a tray of eggs. At least in the rural community there is faith, hope … and Bircholt.