Not many months ago Jeremy Corbyn promised to write off all student debt – a promise he has no intention of keeping.

Nevertheless, many among our present crop of students and indeed, the next four years of entrants to our so called higher education system, have been and will be hoodwinked by this – not because they necessarily have any real affinity with socialism, but because they have little ambition whatsoever other than the short term prospect of three years of creating mayhem at tax payers’ expense before they even have to think of their long term prospects.

The government has actually told them that if they are unable to secure a job earning more than £23,000 a year, they have no need to repay their student debt anyway. Which lunatic in Whitehall thought this was a good way of incentivising our youth? But despite years of sitting on their thumbs, when it comes to the next election, students will be whipped up into a frenzy of activity without putting any thought into what their vote might achieve.

As of a year ago, there were 38,386,900 people in England registered to vote. On the day the last election was announced, 57,987 under 25s registered to vote and indeed, on one day leading up to the election, a total of 147,000 registered. Last year 493,645 new students entered university or college and therefore it is not difficult to realise that if the next election follows a full term Tory administration, there will be a further two and a half million likely Labour voters let loose on our so called democracy. This could lead to a six and a half per cent swing and the likelihood of our country entering into decades of communism and Marxism. Unless the Conservatives pull some rabbits out of the hat, the next administration will be further left than anything this country has ever experienced before.

Our education system, now not fit for purpose, is the perpetrator of this lurch to the left – the teaching profession is unionised from top to bottom and openly denigrates any competitiveness and the need to succeed. Unfortunately their own profession has been dulled and dimmed down by the ridiculous curriculum imposed on them minute by minute, which has turned away thousands of good teachers who showed any signs of motivation, initiative and enthusiasm from which the students in secondary education would have benefited. Britain was made great on the back of our heritage and I fail to see any of our educationalists, students and student unions doing anything to replace the influence of our history which they all seem quite prepared to junk. As ye sow, so shall ye reap, and by gum the harvest does not look great.

When will the Tory party wake up and realise that we are heading towards Armageddon. When are they going to come up with some policies that will appeal to all? How about stopping HS2 in its tracks, which will benefit few and upset millions? How about reducing by 50% the money wasted on overseas aid? How about raising the threshold at which workers pay tax and simultaneously increasing the VAT to replace that portion of revenue?

The country is bored of safety first politics, bored of politicians being unable to say boo to a goose, or even scared to bits in case it’s a gander!

Meanwhile, all MEPs receive £3,900 per month for expenses but do not have to account for how they spend it. Some £150 million is spent each year shuffling this overblown club between Brussels and Strasburg while much of the European Union struggles with youth unemployment and national debt. Remain in that joke of an outfit – you must be kidding!

PS: I have just remembered this is a farming magazine – does anyone want to buy 36 North Country Mule ewe tegs?