Although the Tory party ran a pathetic election campaign, for which they are now paying the price, I have to admit that I do feel sorry for the amount of flak that Theresa May is personally taking. Now that Corbyn and his fellow Marxists have admitted that the offer to wipe clean all current and historic student debt was an aspiration rather than a promise, one can imagine that the result of the election could well have been very different.

Has it been worked out how many more seats the Conservatives would have won – or retained rather than lost – if the students hadn’t been hoodwinked into voting for the so called Labour Party, rather than voting at all? Why is it that students tend to be left wing? What will their political leaning be when they grow up?

I do remember in my youth believing that only the cream went to university, whereas now it is largely populated by skimmed milk: and it costs too much.

In the wake of this tragedy of injustice and betrayal of democracy, many questions need to be answered. When will the cabinet stop biting each others’ backs? Is there a Conservative MP who can reunite the party? Are all university lecturers left wing? Does the Electoral Commission have a clue how to run an election that will reflect the democratic will of the people?

Are all BBC journalists over paid, over indulged and overtly left wing? What has happened to Jon Snow of Channel 4 News since Glastonbury? I suppose if I read the Guardian and the Mirror instead of, or as well as, the Telegraph, I might have some of the answers. However, I think in this day and age, believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear and read.

Management and I own two diesel vehicles, one petrol car, one diesel tractor and one diesel ride on mower. By the year 2040, I shall be 95 and management not far behind. The wife can change a plug and I can replace a light bulb, but after that we are both pretty much in the dark with regard to electricity. Similarly, the proposal that all cars and light vans be powered by electric engines from 2040 is again an idea dreamed up pretty much in the dark and is 100% pandering to the green lobby.

Don’t the pillocks in power realise that in 23 years time, there won’t be any room on the roads to park your car, let alone drive on them? There will be riots on the streets on a daily basis so best to stop at home anyway, and fast intercity links will merely get you from one log jam to another without giving you time to read the Guardian or the Mirror.

Things to be done, part two:

  • 1. scrap the vanity project HS2;
  • 2. urgently use the money saved to return our education system to its former glory. All professional teachers know it is rubbish;
  • 3. promote apprenticeships ahead of micky mouse degrees;
  • 4. pay top professionals and top notch business men and women to form 50% of the cabinet, because career politicians know nothing;
  • 5. ban the Green Party, because fracking must happen;
  • 6. check to see if Laura Kuennsberg is still smirking;
  • 7. stop all this confusion over gender identity – which is a topic now discussed at primary school. Let nature take its course;
  • 8. persuade the Republic of Ireland to leave the European Union with us, as they have achieved the knack of selling more than they produce; and
  • 9. Tories: please form a coherent government.

Apart from that, the sun rises every morning, the grass is growing and our sheep look well. But let us spare a thought for our arable friends who are obviously getting frustrated.