One wonders just how low those engaged in ‘project fear’ can go. We have recently witnessed the governor of the Bank of England predicting that in the event of Brexit the value of houses could drop by 35%.

Given that most householders who have purchased property in the last 10 years have done so with a 20% deposit, this scenario would leave vast swathes of our population in negative equity. Mr Carney – I am certainly no economist but even a part time sheep farmer with only four O levels in Latin, maths, woodwork and time wasting, can see that the house market would grind to a halt, and consequently have a counter effect on his prediction.

Mr Carney – stick to having big lunches and small ideas and let the 52% of positive people in this island secure our future. He also predicts that there will be no Eurostar from London to Paris – has he not worked out that equally there could be no Eurostar from Paris to London, or is all the bad news in Brexit negotiations only going one way? Similarly the doom mongers predict that the M20 will become a lorry park. Presumably the A1 from Calais to Paris and destinations further south will become an even bigger lorry park. I have driven on this road many times and I can assure everybody that the ratio of foreign lorries to British ones travelling north to Calais is no where near approaching 1:20, and probably nearer 1:40.

The nanny state is at it again and have labelled All-Bran, Special K and Shreddies as junk food. Could the nanny state please confirm that they will not bring out in the next 12 months any statements contradictory to this as I hang on to their every word and have twice given up butter and three times have given up poly unsaturated fats.

If only the government banned kids from travelling miles to their preferred school, banned kids from shopping for rubbish at school meal times and banned the sale of school playing fields there would be no need for the nanny state. How about providing free school meals to all those that walked or cycled to their place of education? Is it a coincidence that fast food outlets proliferate close to schools? How about reintroducing domestic science/home economics instead of trying to teach citizenship which is a topic picked up by relating to your peers and paying respect to your elders, rather than listening to some left wing malcontent expounding his/her views.

On a slightly more upbeat theme, I gather that Cycling UK, a charity, is going to endeavour to open an off road route from Land’s End to John O’Groats. Now this is good news for the participants who will benefit from the exercise, but perhaps the charity could persuade many of those engaged in this pursuit to desist from leaving their rubbish on route – I fear it will become one great paper trail.

We have a few hens and sell the surplus one day old eggs at our gate for £2.20 per dozen. Having done a little research it transpires that commercial egg producers who sell their eggs to a packing station receive on average 88p per dozen. The packers I am told need 30p per dozen to grade and box the eggs – this providing a very small profit for them, and by the time the distribution centres have dispatched the eggs to the supermarkets with a spurious label claiming the eggs are fresh and free range, the price has jumped to anything from £1.65 per dozen to £2.40 for medium sized eggs. These eggs are probably seven to 10 days old by the time they hit the shop, which is why on the box it says “keep refrigerated and best before seven days time.” This story is of course a microcosm of all British food production and is largely a result of the government being desperate to keep the cost of living down for the poor souls at the lower end of society who spend a lot of their family allowance on cigarettes, alcohol and tattoos. Management has said for many years that benefits should be given as food or clothing vouchers – I agree!

PS: Having seen on the news that both Keir Starmer and John McDonnell declare themselves to be democrats, how is it that the party is held to account by that quasi military rabble Momentum? The whole party is going to vote for any policy that gets the Conservatives out of power no matter how damaging this will be to this country. As a precaution – if you have got any shares, sell them!