Politics has always been a dirty business, but without doubt it has now reached the absolute nadir of dreadfulness. Westminster is the midden of the metropolis.

We pride ourselves on living in a democracy, but recent events culminating in the authority of Mrs May being further curtailed, are proving anything but democratic. Foolishly, or more probably naively, I believe that MPs were elected to voice the opinions of their constituents, yet almost to a man, every opposition party voted against the government, with the exception of two labour MPs, Frank Field and Kate Hoey, who voted with the government and to whom I take my hat off for at least sticking to their principles. Kate Hoey has received malicious messages from hard left activists for not supporting Mr Corbyn.

It is evident that anyone who dares to oppose Mr Corbyn will be directly in the firing line of Momentum and its gang of militia, who are prepared to impose their will by every undemocratic method available. What has happened to the voice of the workers in the industrial Midlands and the northern power house who voted in droves for Brexit? Are they actually being represented by their union sponsored MPs for whom they voted? What is happening now is a sneak preview of what will happen if Labour, under the shrouds of Marxisim, wins the next election. State control will increase to levels never seen before and inward investment will cease overnight. Diane Abbot, who nearly put three words together, when recently interviewed, has confirmed that mass immigration will not be reduced, because the NHS and Social Services will not function without them. Yet we have more than enough newcomers to our shores who are more than capable of breeding the next generation of civil servants. What we don’t have is the room to house anymore people nor the wherewithal to pay their wages and/or benefits.

Our country is full!

On the other hand, I have a terrible feeling that the Tory party has lost its way and is ignoring its roots. Thatcherisim worked and dragged this country from the depth of despair, as indeed it has done after every previous Labour administration. Mrs Thatcher promoted free enterprise, minimal state intervention and the ability for business to earn money and contribute to the economy. As of now, Tory grandees are chasing shadows and populist ideas in a desperate attempt to win votes and regain the confidence of our youth – who have absolutely no idea of what life was, or will be like, under a neo-socialist administration.

Further, I am a little worried about the influence of Michael Grove on DEFRA. He was an extremely good Secretary for Education and should never have been removed from that position. Unfortunately, I think he has as much affinity with matters rural as I do with Strictly Come Dancing – I am not strict and I cannot dance! I fear he is going to pander to the eco-warriors and the animal right activists, on the premise that the UK is not going to abandon the overly soft-centred view on the way agriculture is going to be conducted in the future. For goodness sake – the world needs feeding.

On that note, I must confess that the little bit of farming I do, is not going to affect the world wide economy one jot, but at least I still enjoy doing it, I don’t mind getting kicked in the guts by a stroppy ewe and I still enjoy the constant battle with management when presenting green trousers that need reverting back to blue!

We both wish for decent prospects for our industry in 2018 and beyond.