Jeremy Corbyn has made a further promise he will be unable to keep. Given that according to him 5,000 of the richest people in the country live in London and the South East, he is going to redistribute the wealth to help those on lower income. Tony Blair, Mandelson, Mr and Mrs Kinnock el al must be shaking in their boots.
Further, a report in The Guardian stated that 36,646 Labour members were noted as coming from “city prosperity” of which nearly half joined the party since the last general election.

Other promises which he will be unable to keep – or had no intention of keeping – were to repay student loans, save the NHS, which is in fact beyond redemption in its present form, eliminate anti-Semitism, which is inherent in the DNA of many of his rabble of supporters, and turn the economy around – which not one of the previous Labour administrations has ever achieved, without plunging the country into further debt.

Winter may have been long gone but we still seem plagued by “snowflakes” – that part of the population who have little to do other than moan about their position in society and feel obliged to articulate the various ways in which they are able to be upset. Additionally, I am fed up with reading that the millennials and those in their twenties are seriously peeved about their lack of opportunity to save any money.

I don’t remember, in my youth, having expensive mobile phones, tattoos from base camp to breakfast time, decent cars, holidays galore and lash ups every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. They have little or no ambition, are lazy and content in the knowledge that if the Marxists get into power – all their problems will be solved. No chance – with Corbyn, McDonnell and Abbott in charge, those that produce the wealth and jobs in the country will flee in droves and those millennials will end up working for the state, with no overblown pension pot to look forward to.

Political correctness is not high on my agenda, but obviously the BBC take it seriously. A week or two ago Breakfast News was discussing the breed of sheep known as Zwarbles and the tall lean one looked up the breed on his smartphone and read out as follows: “a breed of sheep bred in the Netherlands and noted for its milk and wool production.” He was just about to read out the next sentence but was unable to say “also used in the production of lamb and mutton” for fear of upsetting anybody. How utterly pathetic – is livestock farming going to be at the behest of veggies and vegans and the PC brigade henceforth?

The sheep trade at the moment is fantastic and I have the conundrum of whether to summer all my ewe tegs or sell them now at a decent profit. To date I have sold Texel x Lleyn ewe tegs at £145 – costing £82 in October, and Romney ewe tegs at £138 – costing £73 in September. I as yet have not made my mind up in the middle of May as to the destiny of some very strong Suffolk x mules. The ewe teg trade in the autumn should be very strong given that across the country many breeding females have been sold for slaughter. But as one wise man said: “will the flockmasters have earned enough themselves and not suffered too greatly in the Beast from the East, to enable them to fork out enough money to satisfy our expectations?”

One last thought – the richest person in the UK is Jim Ratcliffe who was born in a council house in Manchester and whose father was a carpenter. He has been in business for only 20 years. What will Jeremy do about his wealth? Come on you millenials – your destiny is in you own hands.

PS: Cambridge University and the British Heart Foundation have declared that every glass of wine or beer over the suggested five per week will take 15 minutes off your life. Well I have done the maths and worked out I should have died in 2015! Its enough to drive you to drink.