On either side of the Pacific Ocean there is an enormous amount of nuclear weaponry stacking up with a juvenile megalomaniac in charge of one button and a poseur with a very shaky temperament in charge of the other. Let’s just hope that both of them are merely flexing their muscles in front of their respective mirrors.

In Great Britain we too have problems of our own. Not on a nuclear scale but nevertheless of great significance to our future well being – drugs, minority groups and John McDonell.

A day does not go by without a report of a young person being found dead following the use of drugs. Many of these kids appear to come from normal families. But when they’re out on the lash at all hours of the night, they are seemingly totally incapable of entertainment without snorting themselves into oblivion.

What is going on? Are all these people totally unaware of the consequences of what they are doing, when 50% of our youth population are deemed intelligent enough to go to university? Why are they not sharp enough to abstain from legal highs?

I do not think this problem is being taken seriously enough. Further, it would appear that more drug addicts leave prison then ever go into it. Is the prison system really incapable of controlling drug abuse, the consequence being that when inmates are released they find drug pedalling a pretty lucrative way of making cash to provide for their habit? I think we need to take vivid messages into all schools, to classes of all ages, to make children at a very early age aware of how dangerous these substances can be.

Unless the Tory party stop their internecine bickering which is portraying them as unfit to govern, they will let in Corbyn & Co at the next election. Listen to any political discussion in front of an audience and it is immediately apparent how hostile the young are to Conservatism. If we let Corbyn in, he will have his strings pulled by McDonnell, whose political history bears no thinking about. He is proposing strikes on a massive scale, insurrection and heavens knows what to further his case. He and his band of thugs will wipe out democracy at a stroke. The time is now approaching when the traditional Labour party, which does indeed contain a few decent people, should separate themselves emphatically from Marxism and form a new party, preferably without that self serving lump of vanity Tony Blair.

As is the case with the current Labour party, minority groups hold enormous sway and it feels like the media are overly keen to portray and even support the mantra of these groups. How is it that vegetarians and vegans get so much air time to admonish those of us who eat meat? Do we carnivores spend all our waking hours persuading these people to pick up a pork chop?

Similarly the LGBT brigade – a small rabble with a lot of rattle – accuse those of us outside their little cabal of being sexist. They have even frightened M & S into changing the way they label boys’ and girls’ clothes – pathetic! There is now a hue and cry because one of the contestants on “Strictly Come Dancing” overtly drives on the other side of the road and the gay brigade are up in arms because she does not have a female dance partner. I wonder how the advert would have been worded to find this co dancer? Perhaps – “wanted, tall blond professional dancer with high heels and low expectations” or “highly talented dancer with long legs and short memory.”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – now there is another useful bunch. They are proposing that the macaque which actually took a selfie be entitled to publishing rights. What is the animal going to do with the money? Blow it on an electric car or perhaps donate it to his favourite campaigning group? One of my ewes escaped the other day – should I buy it a subscription to the Ramblers Association? Now there’s another story!

It’s slash and burn time in our garden with management flaying about preparing the borders for winter. My job is to clear up the rubbish and look as if I am enjoying it. Fortunately having a few sheep about lets me off the hook now and then. Must go and buy some more ewe lambs!