I am suffering from stress

Writers Posted 02/09/19
Nature is a wonderful thing and I am constantly amazed at the patience of creatures in feeding mode.

Several weeks ago during the very high winds I was amazed to observe bumble bees flitting from flower-head to flower-head on a row of lavender outside our living room window.

Bumble bees are hardly aerodynamic yet they achieved their search for nectar with seemingly no problem at all. Nature is a wonderful thing and I am constantly amazed at the patience of creatures in feeding mode. Take for example the preying mantis (McDonnellis) which can sit for hours on a branch without moving while it waits for its prey to pupate – often of the genus Corbynus, so it can devour it at its maximum size. Other creatures which need to beware of their behaviour are the Soubray – prone to wandering off course, the Grieve – prone to making too much noise for its safety and the Hammond – prone to believing in its invincibility. We can learn a lot from the natural world, particularly those animals with Tusks which are in danger of extinction.

Following on from the last word in the previous paragraph, those well-meaning, but ill informed, individuals who have christened themselves as “extinction rebellion” are in fact members of a previously formed movement called “extension rebellion” which has the sole purpose of promoting further revolution, while ditching the benefits of democracy and capitalism. I know I have mentioned this scenario before, but it is becoming a serious problem with swathes of our population having no respect for our police force, no respect for the law and certainly no respect for each other. Mind you, in many instances the law and the purveyors of it really take the biscuit. Take the case of the civil servant in Northern Ireland who was awarded £10,000 in compensation for the stress he endured by having to walk past a portrait of our Queen. I believe there are 21,000 civil servants who are employed in the Northern Ireland Parliament. Hopefully some will be loyalists!

I am also suffering from stress – I always walk by the meat aisles in our local supermarkets to check on how much producers are being ripped off – lamb loin chops £15 per kg, rolled breast of lamb £6.50 per kg – say no more! More good news about food – I recently read a recipe for watermelon ham – this entailed cutting the watermelon into steaks, smoking for 8 hours over oak chippings, putting it in a heavy frying pan for 10 minutes, replace in the oven for a further hour. Finally, remove it and see if the dog will eat it!

Some good news, I had a prang on my ride-on lawnmower while in fits of laughter at the thought of consuming watermelon ham and ran it into a tree! I went and saw the lovely lady at the NFU office who informed me that given I was not an habitual claimant the excess would not be deducted from the repair bill. I took the account into the NFU office at Ashford Market on a Tuesday and received the full payment three days later. Now that is what I call service of the highest order.

Given that I am going to have a short visit to hospital to repair my knee – hospital food comes to mind. I believe three celebrity chefs have been given the task over the last 15 years of improving the quality of meals, and by all accounts, any improvement over those years has been hard to quantify. So Prue Leith, forget about coming up with any fancy dishes containing ingredients from all over the world. The workers in the kitchens are not Cordon Bleu chefs but will be quite capable of providing good wholesome menus from good wholesome locally grown produce. It cannot be rocket science.

Tonight Management is cooking proper sausages from a local butcher, beans, courgettes and potatoes from our own garden and gravy. What could be better?

Finally, and just to clarify the matter, the Labour party is not bothered whether we remain in the EU, or leave the EU with or without a deal. Their only aim is to get into power so that the Marxist Element can take over, with the unions guarding their backs. In that event, the only way McDonnell will be removed is by a civil war.

PS To my friend of Scottish descent who is also a Latin scholar – et quasi cursores vitae lampeder tradunt.

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