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A challenging season

Writers Alan West Last edited 20/08/20
For the novice, the most frequent mistake is the assumption that sheep are stupid.

Grain harvest reveals a pitifully small heap

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 19/08/20
With my own grain harvest now in the shed, I have to report a pitifully small heap.

Milling wheat is expensive

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 19/08/20
Barley is running a bit truer to form

Exceptional haymaking year

Writers Anita Head Last edited 18/08/20
Life seemed to have been going along at 15mph and now we have reached 100mph.

Weather forecasts more like a chat show

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 18/08/20
Some phenomenon that ‘Kirsty from Merseyside’ has seen from her window that bears little resemblance to what actually results.

I fear my sheep have turned feral

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 17/08/20
Early weaning has not gone according to plan.

Joined up debate long overdue

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 23/07/20
How are we going to feed everyone, protect the countryside, run a business, and ensure that we are healthy as a nation?

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