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Unfortunately, rules must be adhered to

Writers Anita Head Last edited 13/09/21
We are fortunate to be on a four-yearly TB testing rota.

What else could go wrong?

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 13/09/21
It is the medium and longer-term implications of a deal that are of concern.

Déjà vu for harvest

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 13/09/21
There is a distinct feeling of ‘déjà vu’ about this harvest.

Ditching responsibility

Writers Last edited 13/09/21
A group of local farmers was being taken to task for the state of our ditches.

Throwing down the gauntlet

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 13/09/21
I’m putting out there as a challenge to you practically minded geniuses.

Is the TB testing flawed?

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 13/09/21
I hope that some good can come from the hype by raising the profile of how bTB is dealt with.

Grass, grass and more grass

Writers Anita Head Last edited 16/08/21
Summer 2021 has been a blast and I have to confess to feeling rather sad about returning to some sort of normality.

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