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Introduction to farming began aged four

Writers Alan West Last edited 14/10/20
In reality as a child I rarely saw a sheep.

Registering Bridle paths

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 13/10/20
Be aware of unwanted attempts to have a nearby footpath either formalised, reopened, or possibly upgraded to a bridle path.

It’s nice to see the maize clamps so full

Writers Anita Head Last edited 13/10/20
We purchased 40 acres of standing maize from a neighbour and that has certainly helped.

Shocking number of dog thefts

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 12/10/20
It’s worrying because working dogs are being particularly targeted.

Biking the South Downs Way

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 23/09/20
To find myself on the Downs on a mountain bike, rather than in the seat of a tractor, Land Rover or combine, was disconcerting.

Worst harvest of all time

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 23/09/20
Some say we have just had the poorest harvest for 40 years, but I think that if you add the awful growing season from last autumn, it makes it the worst of all time.

Losing respect for the service

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 16/09/20
The fact remains that farmers’ problems are generally treated with little interest by Sussex Police

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