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The world is going mad

Writers Anita Head Last edited 28/03/22
We are in the process of offering accommodation to a family of Ukrainian refugees.

Financial rollercoaster

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 31/03/22
Just how many of us have the nerve, stamina and financial wherewithal to keep producing crops under these current hyper-inflationary trading conditions, only time will tell.

Hard to see who can fill the Russia and Ukraine deficit

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 28/03/22
The whole world knows now, if it didn’t before, just how much wheat, maize, barley and sunflower seed is supplied from Russia and Ukraine.

Subsidised inaction

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 28/03/22
There are many operators who seem unable to resist possible long term ‘subsidised inaction’.

New life and new learning

Writers Alan West Last edited 28/03/22
Lambing has been relatively easy (so far).

Retiring is not for us

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 28/03/22
Our difficulties pale into insignificance with those being faced by the Ukrainian nation.

Age and veracity

Writers Alan West Last edited 25/02/22
There is an old saying “mutton dressed up as lamb”, a somewhat derogatory term, but it is an adage that brings us back to the title, age and veracity.

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