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What an absolute mess!

Writers Last edited 02/09/19
Nick is presumably not alone in believing that very many of the news stories fed to us through our news media are untrue.

The money will not be there – what then?

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 02/09/19
The land agent is not the only one who has got the wind up.

The world as we know it won’t end

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 02/09/19
The world as we know it won’t end after 31 October, but exports to Europe may.

Extreme flood risks

Writers Last edited 02/09/19
Hyped-up stories surely make something of a nonsense of planning policies.

George’s Farm Adventure and the naked wedding cake

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 02/09/19
Our kitchen table has been busy hosting the preparation for the wedding.

I am suffering from stress

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 02/09/19
Nature is a wonderful thing and I am constantly amazed at the patience of creatures in feeding mode.

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