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Lambing time and new life

Writers Alan West Last edited 30/03/21
It is a time that brings a conclusion to all of the hard work and planning.

Consumers are ill-advised

Writers Anita Head Last edited 30/03/21
It seems the children have only been back at school a few days and now the Easter holidays are upon us.

Will history repeat itself?

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 30/03/21
Are hopes realistic?

Cow cuddling is the new goat yoga

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 30/03/21
“A cuddle with a calm cow banishes the moody blues”.

Building the wholesale market of the future

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 01/03/21
It’s all systems go at London’s New Covent Garden Market.

Huge impact on mental health

Writers Anita Head Last edited 01/03/21
This past year, under pandemic conditions, seems to have had a huge impact on the mental health of farmers and workers alike.

Check demands carefully

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 01/03/21
Whether a scam or not, it appeared to be another ‘government body on the make’.

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