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Where do we go to from here?

Writers Alan West Last edited 25/02/19
The majority of UK sheep producers are in the uncomfortable position of approaching lambing with absolutely no knowledge or understanding of what sort of market they will selling their lambs into in the coming season.

Farmers need consistent rules

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 25/02/19
The DEFRA and APHA TB policies continue to be somewhat inconsistent and there is little practical thinking aimed at getting TB under control again writes Nick.

Buzzing Berlin

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 25/02/19
It’s March and therefore Sarah is writing about Fruit Logistica and technical days.

Shooting season tinged with sadness

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 25/02/19
A greengage tree arrives at the farm and Monica has an encounter with a 20 bore Lincoln gun.

Nuts travel one thousand miles

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 25/02/19
Richard is struck by the number of expensive new vehicles outside relatively inexpensive properties.

An uncertain and divided future

Writers Alan West Last edited 28/01/19
Dog owners should attend compulsory training, then they might learn to control their dogs, thereby reducing the horrific number of sheep worrying incidents.

Speaking another language

Writers Last edited 28/01/19
I’m just thinking of the different ‘languages’ needed to communicate with all our different audiences.

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