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A clear way forward?

Writers Alan West Last edited 27/01/20
At least now we know where we stand.

Mud is driving me mad!

Writers Anita Head Last edited 27/01/20
Well… Where do we start… I for one, shall not be sorry to see the back of January.

Price takers post-brexit

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 27/01/20
The new Agriculture Bill has been published but how much do we know about what the future holds for UK farmers outside the CAP post-Brexit?

How much winter wheat have we planted?

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 27/01/20
Recently the stronger sterling/euro exchange has hindered sales to the EU.

Problem traced to EA

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 27/01/20
We finished up last year with a fraction over 30 inches of rain, mostly at times we didn’t want it.

Supply chain fairness and the Agriculture Bill

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 27/01/20
With the end of January racing towards us and the need for policy to be set for every element of UK activity, no one is able to keep up with the hourly announcements.

Lots of apples can be fatal

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 27/01/20
An apple a day might be good, but lots and lots of apples, we found out, can be fatal.

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