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World wheat prices reflect Russia fears

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 08/01/15
As one calendar year ends and another starts it is sometimes worth reflecting on what has occurred and what has been learnt over the last 12 months.

Agency’s performance is a scandal

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 08/01/15
It is 12 months since the Arun Valley was last seriously inundated with water and the Environment Agency (EA) have still done nothing constructive to remedy two decades of neglect.

Farage is a rabble rouser

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 08/01/15
Well, thank goodness that’s all over!

A year of mixed fortunes

Writers Alan West Last edited 03/12/14
With Remembrance Day still in my mind, maybe it is the time of year, or maybe it is just my age, but recently I seem to have spent a lot of time in reflective thought, as last month’s article showed.

We used to eat crow

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 03/12/14
I had to suppress a wry smile recently when hearing DEFRA secretary of state Liz Truss mention the government’s latest view on solar farms, expressing their increasing perception that “their (solar farms) rapid development risked the production of food from the UK.”

Why are we bound in red tape?

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 03/12/14
Promises, promises, promises. I do seem to remember the right honourable David Cameron MP assuring the electorate on entering Number 10 that he would cut back the amount of red tape that is choking this country to death.

Crops in good condition

ArableWriters Last edited 13/02/15
I seem to start every article with the weather and in the last week I have heard long range forecasts which have predicted the wettest winter on record and the coldest winter on record – which certainly covers the extremes.

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