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Beware the rise in buzzard numbers

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 02/09/14
Last month we certainly started with an early harvest but that has slipped a bit with the remnants of Hurricane Bertha and the showery weather that has followed on.

MPs drink at the taxpayers’ expense

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 02/09/14
Farming can be a lonely profession and it is always a pleasure to observe how many folk attend on market days at Ashford

Brammy awards recognise brilliance

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 07/08/14
I’ve not been invited to the Brammys before but this year I had the opportunity to represent friends at the awards ceremony and it was a real treat.

Crossing our fingers

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 07/08/14
As I stare bitterly at the considerable mound of wheat gathering in my grain store I am left to contemplate what might have been

Optimistic about barley

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 07/08/14
It is difficult to believe that since my last article, written 1 July the new crop wheat futures have fallen another £10 per tonne! It looked low enough then

Chemical costs are absurd

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 07/08/14
It is really disappointing for the farming community to have seen two hard working, sensible, knowledgable, ministers, Jim Paice and Owen Paterson, despatched into the wilderness at the whim political expediency.

Avoid propaganda and talk to the public

Writers Alan West Last edited 07/08/14
I suggest that anyone who keeps sheep, with access to a computer, visits the web-link below, reads the article, entitled “A wool jumper is just as cruel as a mink coat” published online by “The Independent” and, in particular, watches the embedded video clip.

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