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Food doesn’t have to be scary

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 06/11/14
Can agriculture save the planet before it destroys it? I have had the good fortune to attend one of the Westminster food and nutrition forums. This time it was about the Agritech strategy.

Today’s NHS is a basket case

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 06/11/14
There’s good news for Richard Wood fans: their children can still buy alcohol 24 hours a day and any high street will still sell them legal highs.

Trouble with roaming locals

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 06/11/14
Freedom to roam is long established north of the border and Nick Adames has had some bother from the locals.

A long drive home

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 03/10/14
You’re telling me, Stephen, why do any of us bother?

Ludicrous change in hedge cutting rules

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 07/10/14
Well the wet weather of August continued, giving a total rainfall of over 130 millimetres or five plus inches – around about twice the average monthly rainfall for Doddington

Wheat exports to date are pathetic

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 03/10/14
UK barley exports are more than 400,000 metric tons (mt) so far – so way ahead of wheat

Help train more shepherds

Writers Alan West Last edited 03/10/14
In spite of an horrendous start to the year they have done very well – and for some, rather too well

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