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Are you sweetcorn or broccoli?

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 03/12/14
I do hope that anyone interested in marketing products to arable farmers will find my research interesting

Maize is biggest threat to wheat values

ArableWriters Elved Philips Last edited 13/02/15
Another month slips by with the price of feed wheat increasing by £7 per tonne over the period.

Our industry is very vulnerable

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 03/12/14
‘You should live like you could die tomorrow, you should farm like you could live forever’

Cereal output is on the way down

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 06/11/14
For the first time in three years, the farming industry has produced an exportable surplus of wheat from some of the best crops Kevin Attwood has seen.

How to give poor farmers a chance

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 06/11/14
I was recently invited to a ploughing match dinner. One of the highlights for me was the revelation that the person who had been put in charge of the ploughing match car park had taken it upon himself to charge an entry fee based on his assessment of the value of the car that anyone was driving.

Don’t try to rush things with sheep

Writers Alan West Last edited 06/11/14
As an extension liaison officer for a research farm working with farmers in the Middle East, Alan West was impressed by the shepherds’ knowledge of their sheep.

American harvest delays spark UK price rally

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 06/11/14
What a change in the last month! At the end of September feed wheat was trading at £100 ex farm, but during October it has increased by about £12 per tonne. LIFFE futures have been £15 up. Why is the question; do we doubt that the UK has an exportable surplus of 3.5 million tonnes? Or that France is awash with failed milling wheat being sold cheaply as feed? No. It is being driven by the American market.

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