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Chemical costs are absurd

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 07/08/14
It is really disappointing for the farming community to have seen two hard working, sensible, knowledgable, ministers, Jim Paice and Owen Paterson, despatched into the wilderness at the whim political expediency.

Avoid propaganda and talk to the public

Writers Alan West Last edited 07/08/14
I suggest that anyone who keeps sheep, with access to a computer, visits the web-link below, reads the article, entitled “A wool jumper is just as cruel as a mink coat” published online by “The Independent” and, in particular, watches the embedded video clip.

Some foxes are too fat

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 07/08/14
Five fifteen on a misty, Saturday morning at the end of July, is quite a pleasant time of day to be up and about

Barn owl chicks appear

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 07/08/14
An early harvest has duly arrived with combining oilseed rape starting on 14 July and as I write we have only 200 acres left of a starting area of 1,200 acres

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