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Mitigating droughts

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 26/04/21
My rain gauge for March measured less than half an inch. April looks like being drier still.

There is next to nothing left on farms

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 26/04/21
We have no liquidity in the old crop market as quite simply we are left with only the “needy and the greedy” to deal with

Summer is around the corner

Writers Anita Head Last edited 26/04/21
Lambing is finally over, and the lambs are prancing around with such spirit in their step.

Lambing done, now where is the grass?

Writers Alan West Last edited 26/04/21
Some cracking lambs and all delivered with remarkable ease.

Up in arms at blatant bullying

Writers Last edited 26/04/21
We began hearing rumours that the big telecoms companies were set on slashing rents for their mast sites.

The disappearing hurdles mystery

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 26/04/21
Hurdles get scattered far and wide, bolstering up weak places in hedges.

Enough to make farmers give up

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 30/03/21
While this TB menace no longer affects us here, it still hurts.

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