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Our footpath wardens have gone

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 01/04/15
Thanks to West Sussex county council, the public now has easy access to Home Farm, with footpaths in all except two of its meadows.

Benefits of research

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 01/04/15
If the Tories are returned to power, the greatest danger facing them will be a referendum on the country’s future membership of the European Union.

Farming won’t be treated fairly outside Europe

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 03/03/15
What is absolutely clear is that markets hate uncertainty and it will be our turn shortly as the general election looms and campaigning gets properly underway.

Anger management

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 03/03/15
I’ve never been able to work up a convincing head of steam about the RPA’s poor administration of the SFP

Wheat stocks weighing heavy on UK market

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 03/03/15
We are now into the Chinese new year, the year of the goat apparently. You could have fooled me: from the grain trading point of view, it’s more like the year of the bear so far.

What responsibility does the food industry have for the nation’s health?

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 03/03/15
Compared to 30 years ago, we take half the time preparing an evening meal that we took then and today only 10% of household income is spent on food

TB returns to plague our herds

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 03/03/15
A bovine TB reactor has been found on a nearby farm and the restrictions which followed are causing quite a few headaches.

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