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Worrying lack of rain

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 06/07/15
Well after the false dawn of last month’s rain we are back to very dry conditions in North Kent with less than 15 millimetres in the last four weeks.

Do the Scots live under a permanent cloud?

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 06/07/15
Returning home from Scotland, all was running fairly smoothly apart from one caesarean section on a first time heifer.

Suppliers must be trained to use groceries code

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 06/07/15
There is more awareness of the groceries code, how to interpret it and the correct way to go about addressing concerns with retailer teams.

NHS should examine its biscuit budget

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 06/07/15
Research has shown that public sector employees are 24% more likely to be off work than their private sector counterparts.

Imports and exports

Writers Alan West Last edited 22/06/15
Currently lamb prices are under pressure from all directions. With new season’s lambs averaging around 190 pence per kilogram in the local markets this week (22 May) and the standard quality quotation at 196ppkg lambs are making about 50p/kg less than at the same time last year – or £18.00 per head for an average 36kg lamb, which is quite a hit.

Where were the animals?

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 22/06/15
I do like to take my daughters to a proper local farming show so we all headed for Heathfield. We started early at an invitation breakfast, courtesy of a local firm of land agents.

Barn owls return to hatch chicks

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 22/06/15
In a month of big news, substantial rain in Kent was up there with the national and international stories at least for this arable farmer. We have been blessed with 36 millimetres since 4 May and it has transformed the situation - even though regular top ups going forward are still essential and something around 13mm every 15 days would be about right.

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