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China was a game changer

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 07/09/15
Last month I said “it will get worse before it gets any better” and it has for wheat

Economy was built on the backs of sheep

Writers Alan West Last edited 07/09/15
On a recent short break in Bruges, I was reminded just how much the British sheep industry has contributed throughout history to our national economy

Perfect storm has hit the dairy industry

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 07/09/15
Instead of pushing up production, the most sensible solution for dairy farmers is to cut their feed in the short term to help create a milk shortage.

Confiscate their mobility scooters

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 07/09/15
Nowhere in the common agricultural policy book of rules does it say that supermarkets will be able to sell milk at less than the cost of production.

Rare breeds and smallholders

Writers Alan West Last edited 03/08/15
I have for many years maintained an interest in rare breeds of sheep in particular.

RSPB deer colony damages crops

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 03/08/15
Many readers will have met George Applegate, the world famous dowser who died in April aged 94 and had been active until near the end of his life.

Import substitution is key

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 03/08/15
NFU vice president Minette Batters says the British fruit sector needs to grow its home market and look at import substitution.

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