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Wheat exports to date are pathetic

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 03/10/14
UK barley exports are more than 400,000 metric tons (mt) so far – so way ahead of wheat

Help train more shepherds

Writers Alan West Last edited 03/10/14
In spite of an horrendous start to the year they have done very well – and for some, rather too well

Prices have gone through the floor

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 03/10/14
We have had the best growing season in the last 30 years, with almost all crops doing, looking and yielding really well. Most dairy herds have been producing exceptional levels of milk since the early spring and, apart from a short dry spell in July, grass growth produced fine yields of silage and hay. But during this time, the price of almost everything we produce has tumbled to or through the floor.

Money for old rope

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 06/10/14
Politics is obviously a tough job but shouldn’t we expect all our politicians of whatever hue to put a shift in

How fit are your ewes?

Writers Alan West Last edited 02/09/14
I recently attended an excellent ewe Body Condition Scoring update session run by EBLEX and hosted by Hadlow College.

Disastrous wheat price

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 02/09/14
It’s a job to know what to write (that any editor would print), about this year’s harvest price of £105 per tonne for wheat. It’s such a disastrous price it’s enough to cause those of us old enough to remember to pause, scratch our heads and try to think back to earlier decades in our farming careers for points of reference to determine: “Are things today that bad, really?”

Wheat quality has held up well

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 02/09/14
In terms of purely price movement, oilseed rape is the best performer

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