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We don’t buy meat from supermarkets

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 03/03/15
Tuesday 17 February was an interesting day in Ashford Market.

Building homes is still a lottery

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 05/02/15
For those of us in the South East with urban fringe land, the other great opportunity is residential development

Greece is the word

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 05/02/15
My desk mug has the motto keep calm and blame the euro

Cause to celebrate

Writers Alan West Last edited 05/02/15
I was fortunate enough recently, honoured even, to be asked to be a part of the panel established to interview applicants from the South Eastern region for the National Sheep Association’s (NSA) “Young Ambassador 2015” programme.

Milk price cuts are brutal commercial greed

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 05/02/15
It is, perhaps, no exaggeration to say the present milk situation has the potential to be terminal for perhaps 25% of UK dairy farmers.

Vintage year for grumblers

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 05/02/15
2015 is brewing up a perfect storm of difficult trading conditions for farmers.

Policy should look after those of us who live and work in the countryside

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 05/02/15
We’ve all had enough of politics – although Richard can’t resist having a dig at Labour’s traditional class based approach to everything.

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