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Just in time

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 02/01/19
With the threat of input imports being cut off I’ve had to abandon ‘just in time’ on my farm.

Winter wheat on every acre?

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 02/01/19
There is still much bullish talk about UK exporters accepting WTO (World Trade Organisation) tariffs.

I do spend some time working on the farm

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 02/01/19
May voted to remain, and yet is trying to implement the democratic vote to leave. Corbyn wants to spend, spend, spend and tax anyone who owns anything, particularly land. What a pig’s muddle!

Sheep– Full of little surprises

Writers Alan West Last edited 26/11/18
Many a new breeder, particularly those with a fat wallet, ego to match and little experience, think that by buying champion ewes and rams they will breed champions.

Upsides not enough

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 26/11/18
From a country pretty much endemic with bovine TB it was, within some 15 years almost eradicated, until limp politicians, worried at the prospect of a small minority, stopped the project in the 1970s.

Early crops look like cabbage fields

Writers Kevin Attwood Last edited 26/11/18
As we come to the last month of the year I can only look back to what has been the most benign autumn of my career.

No-one asked the big question

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 26/11/18
To the South of England Showground, Ardingly, for the ‘The Great Agricultural Debate’ organised and hosted by the South of England Agricultural Society and co-sponsored by South East Farmer.

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