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Sheep trade buoyant

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 26/04/19
The older one gets, the easier it is to become confused

Lambing is in full swing

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 26/04/19
Lambing is Monica’s favourite time. The ewes have been brought back to the home farm, dagged out and numbered, blue for singles, red for twins and green for trips.

Complex array of tariffs

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 29/03/19
The most efficient UK producers are clustered on the best land.

Buyers not engaging beyond march

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 29/03/19
It has not been possible to persuade export buyers to engage in business beyond the end of March.

Too much to expect

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 29/03/19
Is it really too much to expect the RPA to sort matters out.

Foolproof method of cooking a wild goose

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 29/03/19
I spotted an enormous flock of geese several hundred yards away, which rather reminded me of the recipe.

End of lambing is a milestone

Writers Alan West Last edited 29/03/19
The end of lambing is a milestone in the year and a bit of a relief.

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