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It resembled a foam party rather than a calving

Writers Last edited 28/05/19
Monica took a break from lambing to attend the Pevensey Levels cluster group visit to Elmley nature reserve.

Sixth TB test within the last year

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 26/04/19
March 2019 was a period not to be repeated since it contained our sixth TB test within the last year with all reactors and inconclusives proving negative.

A few positives

Writers Alan West Last edited 26/04/19
The shambles known as “Operation Brock” has, in part, been disbanded.

Does Rt Hon Pa have a plan?

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 26/04/19
Sadly, family breakfasts have been like this for nearly three years now …

Big ‘bounce back’ expected

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 26/04/19
The main concern for the UK trade is, we still do not know the size of the 2018 harvest wheat crop that we had

Thank you Dr Doom

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 26/04/19
Dr Martin Luton was one of the most passionate advocates of British Top Fruit and its growers.

Meat free Mondays

Writers Last edited 26/04/19
We received an email from one of the children’s schools telling us that they were implementing a trial period of ‘Meat free Mondays’.

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