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Unpredictable weather

Writers Alan West Last edited 21/06/21
Geographers always say that the British Isles have lots of weather but no climate, a statement that seems to be increasingly evident. The term climate implies a degree of predictability that we certainly do not appear to have.

Lessons from distressing disaster

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 21/06/21
The merchant was put into administration in May and emotions are running high.

Tangible weather issues

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 21/06/21
Crops in the south and west look as good as they ever could at this time of year.

What to do to get our summer visitors back?

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 21/06/21
It’s the swallows, cuckoo and, now missing from here the past year or two, the ever travelling swifts.

Potential to share realities

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 21/06/21
I wonder how many people in this edition will mention the phenomenon that is Jeremy Clarkson going farming?

Zero grass or phenomenal grass growth?

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 21/06/21
It’s either too little or too much.

Swinging in the wind

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 24/05/21
We had a near miss recently with a steel framed barn on the home farm.

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