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Speaking another language

Writers Last edited 28/01/19
I’m just thinking of the different ‘languages’ needed to communicate with all our different audiences.

Brexit has unnerved me

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 28/01/19
As soon as the EU in/out referendum result was announced in 2016 I entered full-blown farming crisis mode and I still have not regained my poise.

Falls in market price are inevitable

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 28/01/19
As far as the grain trade is concerned Brexit is not just the elephant in the room. It’s the whole room!

As farmers we just get on with the job

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 30/01/19
Has parliament become a haven for egotistical people? as demonstrated by their squabbling, infighting and political posturing... I despair, says Monica.

New Year Resolutions

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 28/01/19
I herewith make a few reminders of promises and opportunities that our government failed to do in the previous year...

Where are the old scalpings?

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 02/01/19
Like many farms in years past we used large quantities of what were once called road scalpings.

What is a sheep?

Writers Alan West Last edited 02/01/19
Most of us would consider the wild ancestors of all our domestic sheep, the Urial, and the European Moufl on, from which all of the 2,000 plus sheep breeds around the world have descended, to be more akin to goats than the sheep we know.

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