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Competition achieves a decent price

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 25/11/19
I am not at all sure how far up the ladder of society I have managed to climb.


Writers Alan West Last edited 29/10/19
Alan decided to wean a bit earlier this year.

Media continues to bash our industry

Writers Anita Head Last edited 29/10/19
With all the rain in October many farmers have had to bring the cattle in for winter early.

Latest in farmyard chic

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 29/10/19
To my local branch of agricultural engineers Ernest Doe for a ‘fashion show of country clothing’.

Mobile phone mast rent con

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 29/10/19
You probably think I am being a miserable old sod and you may well be right!

We are the cheapest in the world

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 29/10/19
I don’t see cereal prices falling short term.

Our marshes are under water

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 29/10/19
This autumn has been a real mushroom bonanza.

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