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Oh dear, what a muddle

Writers Alan West Last edited 21/07/20
Possibly a significant understatement?

Forage maize not looked back

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 21/07/20
The only crop Nick has in the ground is forage maize – and it’s not looked back.

I’m troubled by shallow soil depth and large flints

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 21/07/20
The more marginal a farmer’s land the more dependent he or she is likely to be on subsidy payments to make ends meet.

Good programme of malting barley exports

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 20/07/20
UK demand for malting barley is estimated to be 400,000 tonnes down, but no-one really knows.

Life is settling into the ‘new normal’

Writers Anita Head Last edited 20/07/20
We only run six ewes, an enterprise that does little more than provide education and entertainment for the children and fills the freezer.

New wool strategy is essential

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 20/07/20
The resurgence in growing your own vegetables is one of the positive outcomes of the pandemic.

A farming disaster

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 25/06/20
June rushes past, and the crop looks more sorry by the day.

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