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Complex array of tariffs

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 29/03/19
The most efficient UK producers are clustered on the best land.

Buyers not engaging beyond march

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 29/03/19
It has not been possible to persuade export buyers to engage in business beyond the end of March.

Too much to expect

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 29/03/19
Is it really too much to expect the RPA to sort matters out.

Foolproof method of cooking a wild goose

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 29/03/19
I spotted an enormous flock of geese several hundred yards away, which rather reminded me of the recipe.

End of lambing is a milestone

Writers Alan West Last edited 29/03/19
The end of lambing is a milestone in the year and a bit of a relief.

Teenage pregnancy problem

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 29/03/19
How on earth do I find time for farming?

If you’re human you’re exposed

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 25/02/19
Basically if you are a human being alive on planet Earth you are going to be exposed to glyphosate.

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