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I am still wincing

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 27/01/20
I am still wincing from the loss incurred fattening a few cattle last year.

Resilience, resistance and records

Writers Alan West Last edited 02/01/20
I was fortunate enough, last month, to once again attend the Sheep Breeders Round Table.

Ash trees await felling date

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 02/01/20
We are starting the New Year with a very clean sheet, and it's quite strange.

12 December will go down in British history

Writers Anita Head Last edited 02/01/20
Whether your chosen candidate was successful or not I guess the results now show the path that we are going to be on.

Unprecedented levels of uncertainty

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 02/01/20
‘Everything we know is about to change'.

Exports to EU should continue

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 02/01/20
Happy New Year! We are now looking forward to Brexit at the end of this month.

Time to seize the opportunity

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 02/01/20
There are a number of elements from within the Conservative manifesto which are of interest/concern for the fruit sector.

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