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When you know you have the quality, sell

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 16/08/21
So, since last time my statement that “the trade can run, but it cannot hide from certain facts” has proved to be correct.

Innovation and partnership

Writers Sarah Calcutt Last edited 16/08/21
Hutchinsons’ Helios orchard walk.

Last year as a continuous cereal grower

Writers Stephen Carr Last edited 16/08/21
So, as I survey the generous pile of wheat in store, I have to accept that riskier times lie ahead.

Climate change and resilience

Writers Alan West Last edited 16/08/21
As an industry we need to recognise the contribution that agriculture has made towards greenhouse gasses.

It is amazing how fast vineyard equipment develops

Writers Last edited 16/08/21
The requirement for scarce labour is huge and the only practical way to keep on top of work is with the new innovations.

Dogs that lunch

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 16/08/21
I envisaged that the South Downs Way path would be along the coast, but I was wrong.

Baled straw market could be overwhelmed

Writers Anita Head Last edited 19/07/21
If we have a good harvest the price of straw should come back to its usual levels for the time of year.

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