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Felling is a big operation

Writers Nick Adames Last edited 09/10/19
We have taken the decision to split our farm holding numbers.

Primary role of the UK sheep industry is quality sheep meat

Writers Alan West Last edited 09/10/19
Is the species Homo sapiens herbivore?

A goat sells better when it’s in a box

Writers Anita Head Last edited 09/10/19
With the abundance of straw around the Kent/Sussex/Surrey areas, the export market would appear to be non-existent at the moment.

Where are arable farmers to look for profit?

Writers Last edited 09/10/19
Where are arable farmers supposed to look for a profit this autumn?

Attention has turned to crop estimates

Writers Elved Philips Last edited 09/10/19
With the UK harvest now in the barn at last, the attention has turned to crop estimates.

Sentimental as well as forgetful

Writers Monica Akehurst Last edited 08/10/19
The wedding celebrations were fun. No disasters.

There is too much competition

Writers Richard Wood Last edited 08/10/19
Politicians continue to amaze me with their ability to conjure up legislation that defies all logic.

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