For my final day in Romania I am being given an insight into AG Recruitment’s unique training mornings which are tailor made for growers.

This ensures that workers are fully prepared for their new role in the UK, enabling an easier transition and therefore higher productivity.

AG gives growers the choice to select the kind of training required from picking to grading to packing. Some employers will favour workers without training to prevent any preconceived ideas of what to expect. AG will adapt to each growers need.

This morning ten middle aged Romanian women have come in for a training session before they travel to England to grade strawberry plants in a matter of weeks.

These women have all worked in horticulture before in other countries and have a good idea of the kind of work expected.

Mihai explains to me that women like these are good workers because they are there solely to make money and understand what is expected of them.

The session begins with hands on training along with a video. Mihai, who worked on a fruit farm for a number of years, explains to the women how to grade each plant by using a number of techniques. During this time he also explains about the kind of productivity that is expected of them. The objectives of this is to maximise quality and quantity while minimising any waste.

After a short break the workers are then taught about the specific farm they will be working on, and everything to prepare them for life in the UK.
With an agreement with British Airways, AG Recruitment offer transport services to the farm and ensure their workers are entirely prepared for their new role.

Later this afternoon I will embarking on my second half of the trip to Bulgaria where I will see AG’s Rousse office where they have similar operations.