In the meantime images from France graced the media of pigs causing havoc in supermarkets, slurry being spread over government buildings, and scenes which can only be described as Armageddon on European highways.

While we can secretly admire the French for their boldness, and chuckle to ourselves at the thought of the supermarket manager’s face when he discovers a large white snoozing in the cheese aisle, it is quite obvious that inconveniencing the public is no way to get them on your side.

Many UK farmers and consumers have voiced their anger towards the roadblocks up North, which left the public furious, and queuing in four miles of tailbacks, when it is the retailers that need to be targeted.

The farmers have defended their actions claiming that industry organisations are letting them down and not keeping them informed, which is why they took such desperate measures.

But before you consider letting your Angus loose in Asda, just remember myself and everyone else in our capital are still pretty livid after having to walk the length of London and back during the tube strikes. Sympathy is the last thing on my mind.