The labour MP, who hasn’t eaten meat for over 30 years has previously deemed meat, dairy and egg industries as causing immense suffering to more than a billion animals every year in the UK alone and has even claimed that meateaters should be treated like smokers.

The vegan, who is incidentally a vice president of the League Against Cruel Sports opposes all shooting sports, and fiercely opposes the badger cull, has hit back at critics assuring that her personal beliefs will not interfere with her job and that she wants to see a livestock industry with high welfare, sustainability and economically viable.

A small part of me hoped that her efforts might help in preventing supermarkets from crushing farmers, but her speech at the Labour party conference has further confirmed that she has nothing or very little to offer to the rural community. I can only liken Corbyn’s poor decision to the choices he makes when thinks wearing knee high socks with shorts is acceptable.