Something that has really ground my gears this month was the death of Bessie the cow.

If you hadn’t heard, the cow was shot dead in a field in North Tyneside after escaping. Dozens of police cars attended as well as seven armed police and a helicopter.

It is not just the police forces’ incredulous failure dealing with the situation that makes my ears steam, but it is the public reaction.

Thousands were expected to attend the candle lit vigil (yes you read that right) being held in remembrance for the cow, which has since been named Bessie.

The public have acted with outrage and disgust at the premature death of this animal claiming it is not everyday that a cow is pointlessly shot dead in a field. These are probably the same people who are lobbying to stop the badger cull.

What crazy world do we live in when a single TB free bovine is getting a bigger public response than the masses slaughtered every year as a result of Tb?