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Kick in the teeth for shooting industry

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 18/11/14
I am on Percy Pig strike and will continue to be until Marks get their act together.

Dairy industry slams tabloid’s misleading claims

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 02/09/14
It would appear that the Daily Mail, or the Daily Fail shall we call it, has again done it again and this time with the farming industry baring the brunt.


Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 21/08/14
AgriChatUK is an agricultural based hashtag on Twitter, which was started in 2011 to initiate discussions on topical issues between farmers and those within the industry.

Hair extensions & hog roasts

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 14/08/14
It was the television programme that last week, took Twitter by storm. No it wasn’t the Common Wealth Games, The Great British Bake Off or some programme where Z-listers in Lycra wobble around on ice to music. It was First Time Farmers.

Southdowns, storms and selfies

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 14/08/14
This weekend I decided to dip my toes into the wonderful world of sheep husbandry.

Visting John Deere HQ for the Guild of Agricultural Journalists Award

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 06/10/14
This Sunday I found myself heading up to the John Deere headquarters in Nottingham after winning a place on the British Guild of Agricultural Journalists John Deere Training Award, writes Alice Dyer.

Young reporter joins our team

Vacancies Last edited 08/08/14
We are delighted to announce that Alice Dyer has joined the South East Farmer team as a reporter.

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