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Pets owners- control your pooch!

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 03/07/15
Could unsuitable dog breeds be to blame for a rise in sheep worrying?

Udderly mad

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 15/06/15
Something that has really ground my gears this month was the death of Bessie the cow.

Something to be proud of

Vacancies Last edited 15/06/15
Show season has well and truly kicked off and I have found my weekends spent doting on sheep and their lambs switching to photographing champion beasts and chatting to local livestock breeders.

Wellies swapped for high heels

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 08/05/15
I can’t believe that we’re in May already, which means next month I will have been working at South East Farmer for a year - and what a year it has been.

Chosen as a future farmer

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 01/04/15
“Educating the public is key,” Marie Prebble, a 26 year old sheep farmer, tells me as we meet at her farm near Dover in Kent for an informal chat over tea and cake.

Is sexism in farming a thing of the past?

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 03/03/15
Every day we are told that agriculture needs more new entrants and more females but in light of this month’s up and coming Women In Farming Seminar held at Agri-Expo I thought I would see for myself how many of the farming females that I know have struggled due to their sex.

Winner wants to improve flock genetics

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 13/02/15
A new entrant young farmer from Surrey has been named as the winner of the last of six 3in1 Advantage feeders on offer in the National Sheep Association’s (NSA) 2014 membership recruitment prize giveaway.

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