In total there are 46.04 acres of grassland and 2.42 acres of woodland, buildings etc. The land recently been used for the grazing of cattle as well as making an annual hay crop.

There are four main field parcels all of which are a good size, each with direct access on to the public highway. The soil is a loam over clay and is grade three. The land is not included in the nitrate vulnerable zone.

Although the land is classified as permanent pasture in the past has been used to grow combinable crops. The landlord would allow the land to be converted to arable production.

There are a small range of dilapidated buildings that are to be included in the tenancy which are available for the tenant to use. These buildings are to be listed as redundant within the tenancy agreement and therefore there will be no obligations on the tenant to insure or repair these buildings.

The tenant is to claim the basic payment scheme and must meet with all cross compliance regulations. Single farm payment entitlements will be transferred to the tenant on the signing of the farm business tenancy for the duration of the tenancy. At the end of the tenancy the tenant is to transfer the entitlements back to the landlord. The land is to be let as a whole under a farm business tenancy (FBT) from 29 September 2014 to 27 September 2016. A draft FBT is available from the agent on request.

Location Mayfield, East Sussex

Price To Let

Area 48.46 acres

Contact 01798 872081 | www.batchellermonkhouse.comk