Extending to 25.30 acres in all it is offered in two lots or as a whole. The vineyards are in a block of 12 acres of south easterly facing land ideal for viticulture. Planted with about five acres of various grape varieties in full production and comes with a useful secure barn. The open pasture area of Lot 1 would be suitable for further planting. Lot 2 comprises 13 acres of Downland pasture again suitable for vines but equally useful for livestock or equine grazing.

The whole is guided at £275,000 with Lot 1 (the vineyard and building) £175,000 and Lot 2 (the pasture) £100,000. The land will be offered by auction in October if not sold prior.

Location North Downs, Kent

Price £1.2 million

Area 235 acres

Contact Alan Mummery | 01892 832325 | www.lambertandfoster.co.ukk