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Onshore wind and solar proposals to create opportunities

Property Last edited 17/03/20
The government’s consultation on allowing onshore wind and solar developers to compete again for subsidies is only a step in the right direction, and is not the silver bullet to the provision of more onshore wind developments says Nick Green head of Savills energy.

Be prepared for utility works and Compulsory Purchase

Property Last edited 27/01/20
Many readers, including both tenant farmers and landowners, will have land affected by utility lines; whether water, sewage, gas, electricity or telecommunications, writes Harry Broadbent-Combe, one of the Batcheller Monkhouse specialists in compulsory purchase.

What does the future hold for the farmland market?

Property Last edited 27/01/20
The farmland market remained subdued in 2019, largely due to prolonged political and economic uncertainty leading to record low farmland supply.

What is a five year housing land supply?

Property Last edited 02/01/20
Planning applications for residential development are often justified by saying that the council doesn’t have a “five year supply of housing land.” But what does this mean exactly? And why is it so critical?

End of year property review

Property Last edited 25/11/19
2020 and beyond.

Peacefully located Wealden farm

Property Last edited 29/10/19
Rumsden Farm is a peacefully located Wealden farm with beautiful views to the South Downs.

Views to the sea

Property Last edited 09/10/19
About 87.3 acres of pasture located to the west of Normans Bay, Pevensey, East Sussex.

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