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Maintaining historic bloodlines

In our latest series on the next generation we look at how one young farming couple are conserving the historic genetics of four generations of work.

The Lambing Poem by Sheena Blackwell

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 06/04/16
The baa when it comes is beautiful; Thin and reedy, ancient and new.

What did the 2001 foot and mouth crisis really teach us?

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 25/02/16
On 19 February 2001 news spread that a case of foot and mouth disease had been discovered on an Essex farm. Far from isolated, within two weeks livestock from Scotland to Cornwall had been found to have the disease as one of the biggest crises in the history of British agriculture began.

Addicted to Sheep

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 09/02/16
Aired for the first time nationally, Addicted to Sheep is a brutally honest feature length film documenting the highs and lows of an upland tenant farm.

Bitten by the beating bug

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 26/01/16
The value of shooting is greatly publicised.. but what about the value of beating?

Battle of the conferences

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 05/01/16
This week farmers will flock to Oxford to attend the two conferences on everyone’s lips- The Oxford Farming Conference and the Oxford Real Farming Conference.

New mobile phone careers app for Kent farmers

Vacancies Alice Dyer Last edited 08/12/15
Kent Rural Plc have released a new rural careers mobile app.

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