The 2022 GCA survey opened on 17 January and it provides a valuable opportunity for suppliers to tell the GCA in confidence about any Code issues they are facing. The survey is carried out for the GCA by independent polling company YouGov.

This is the ninth time the annual survey has been held and from the beginning it has played a significant role in helping the GCA achieve improvements in the relationships between suppliers and the 13 retailers covered by the Code.

As well as marking how well the retailers are complying with the Code, the survey responses identify areas where the GCA can press for improvements and highlight good practice.

Mark White said: “This is my second survey as GCA and I cannot over-emphasise how valuable I found the results from my first which was completed by a record number of suppliers.

“The responses helped me progress discussions with the senior leadership of the retailers and their Code Compliance Officers about issues such as delisting, forecasting and suppliers’ concerns about the increasing numbers of inexperienced buyers they are encountering.

“I have been pressing the retailers to ensure they have the right training and support in place to help these new buyers build strong and effective relationships with their suppliers so that they have deeper understanding of the businesses they are working with.”

The 2022 survey largely mirrors previous surveys to provide important benchmarking information and to rank retailer compliance with the Code. However, it has been updated to include topical questions about supplier requests for cost price increases and how the regulated retailers react to mentions of the Code. Suppliers will also have the opportunity again to give positive feedback on retailer behaviour.

The survey is available here until Sunday 27 February and the results will be announced in the GCA newsletter and on the GCA website in late Spring 2022. Following the practice in 2021 the GCA has commissioned YouGov to conduct follow-up interviews with a select group of respondents to explore supplier concerns in more depth.

Mark White added: “In 2021 I had a tremendous response to my call for feedback. I do urge suppliers to continue their valuable support for the GCA survey. Their views are very important and will help to secure continued improved performance from the retailers.

“Supplier responses are particularly valuable at this time as the sector is experiencing such fast-paced change and the information they contain can give me early intelligence of any major issues emerging.”