The approach to BeBa Energy UK, one of South East Farmer’s approved solar PV suppliers, followed a number of positive recommendations that P J Lee & Sons had received about the company.

“We asked a number of solar companies to put forward their ideas and give us a quotation for installing solar,” explained partner Chris Lee. “BeBa Energy UK was not the cheapest, but then cost was not the only thing that mattered to us.

“We were keen to use a reliable, stable and well-established company with a great track record and one that could provide long-term support over the lifetime of the system – and BeBa seemed to us to be a company that best fitted that particular requirement.

“We were impressed with what they told us, they backed up what they said with properly-researched figures and costings and they left us feeling that they knew what they were talking about and could deliver what they said they would deliver. Now that they have done the job it’s clear that we made the right choice.”

BeBa Energy UK came forward with a scheme that interpreted the company’s needs clearly, designing a system that would maintain the company’s existing new building warranties as well as providing a class-leading system with an outstanding energy conversion ratio.

BeBa was also able to offer P J Lee & Sons the assurance of a guaranteed yield through its ongoing Partner Plus maintenance scheme as well as a full service and running package.

“BeBa has an incredible track record in a very difficult industry and we were delighted that P J Lee decided to work with us after looking at a number of things that were important to them,” said BeBa Energy UK marketing and sales assistant William Palmer.
“Of course price was important, but pure competence and recommendation from trusted advisers goes a long way.”

He explained: “The installation at P J Lee & Sons is a 250 kWh system comprising 1000 REC solar modules and a number of well-configured solar inverters.

“As the client’s new premises were fitted with a new Kingspan insulated roof, the mounting system was manufactured and supplied by Kingspan. but as an authorised installer, BeBa Energy UK was able to install and commission the project.”

Wiring the site took more than 8km of cable and the installation will produce about 250,000 kW hours of electricity per year for the next 25 to 30 years. “With a six-year payback, that adds up to an impressive income over the remaining 19 to 24 years,” said William.

“At the same time, the carbon saving of 87,396kg per year means that over the lifetime of the system it will have saved an impressive 2,184,900 kg, making a huge difference to P J Lee & Sons environmental credentials.

“This project allowed BeBa Energy to form an excellent relationship with the company and we are looking forward to a productive 25 years of energy generation.”