The new Register of Sheep Advisers (RoSA), set up through a collaboration between the National Sheep Association and skills champion BASIS, was set up on 1 June this year to “support the wider sheep sector as it moves towards a more sustainable future”.

RoSA has now put together a reading list for members that is designed to support their continuous professional development (CPD) and has included South East Farmer due to its ”vast amount of related content”. It means subscribers to the magazine will qualify for two points under the organisation’s CPD points scheme.

Business Development Executive Jade Prince commented: ‘We are keen to ensure that our registered sheep advisers keep abreast of current developments in all areas of sheep care and we recognise the importance of technical magazines as part of their CPD.

South East Farmer has a vast amount of quality content that will help our members to keep their knowledge fresh.”

To claim the RoSA CPD points, subscribers simply need to enter the code PD/112927/2122/G in the ‘Submit CPD Points’ area of their RoSA members login area.

Jade added: “The vision of RoSA is to see well-informed professional advisers supporting engaged sheep farmers to become more profitable and sustainable by providing comprehensive advice on all aspects of sheep production.

“We hope to achieve this through the development of an industry recognised CPD programme which ensures all members continue to keep up-to-date and develop their knowledge. This will ensure UK sheep farmers will have access to the best and most appropriate advice to ensure their business will be ready for any upcoming opportunities and challenges.”