A farming industry campaign that has seen hundreds of bright pink silage bales proudly displayed on farms around the country in aid of breast cancer research is being re-launched for 2017 after raising more than double the amount in 2016 that it raised the previous year.

The campaign, which sees a donation made to the charity Breast Cancer Now from sales of each roll of a special pink version of the film used by farmers to wrap the bales, raised over £26,000 in 2016. This compared with over £10,000 raised from a similar campaign in 2015.

“This latest fantastic result highlights the generosity of the farming community and those connected with it,” says Jackie Bradley, product manager for the company that organises the initiative and supplies the film, Volac. “We can’t wait to see what can be achieved in 2017.

“Silage bales made from grass and other crops for feeding to livestock are wrapped in film to preserve them – so rather than the usual green or black film, why not another colour?

“The great thing about pink is that it’s so eye-catching in fields, so it helps to raise awareness of this fantastic cause. They attract a lot of interest from the public. Pictures of pink bales have been all over social media.”

As well as demonstrating their support by wrapping bales in pink, farmers have also been able to support the campaign by attaching special pink stickers to more usual-coloured silage bales, says Mrs Bradley, with money also raised at various agricultural events in 2016 and by Volac staff who have taken part in other fund-raising activities.

“This joint initiative also couldn’t have happened without the kind efforts of other companies involved,” continues Mrs Bradley. “Donations to the campaign did not just come from ourselves but also from Trioplast, the film manufacturer, and from the merchants supplying the film to farmers. I really would like to thank everybody who has taken part. It’s a fantastic result.”

Lorna Thomas, community engagement officer at Breast Cancer Now, said: “We are so grateful for the wonderful support of Volac, Trioplast and the farming community. We hope the pink silage wraps will continue to be a big success in 2017 and raise much needed funds for breast cancer research, whilst also looking great in fields across the country.

“There are thousands who have considered fundraising for charity or who are already out there doing it like Volac. We’re powering research that’s finding new ways to prevent, detect and treat breast cancer until the day when we stop it, once and for all. And with supporters like Volac by our side we can make it happen faster.”