The new relationships will last for five years and enable Warburtons to ensure they can work in partnership with their farmers to ensure consistency of quality and supply for the long term.

The new farming contracts are managed through Openfield, the British grain co-operative who has worked closely with Warburtons for almost 20 years.

The focus on long-term relationships with their farmers enables Warburtons to ensure that long-term sustainability is a priority for its farmers. The key areas of focus are; healthy soil, good water stewardship and supporting biodiversity.

Brett Warburton, executive director, Warburtons, said: “As a family business, we are able to take decisions for the long term, and it is this approach that has been key to maintaining our business success over the last 140 years. We believe that for our business to grow we need to work in partnership, and that means working with our farmers, and partners like Openfield, to ensure we deliver what the business needs – but in the right way.”

Sarah Bell, head of supply chain, Openfield, said: “Openfield’s facilitation of Warburtons’ relationship with its farmers allows for a truly collaborative approach, ensuring that both Warburtons and its farmers can benefit both now and in the future.”