This latest project has European Union LEADER grant funding approval and uses redundant space in the existing building and dry store.

All Weald Granary marketing pools operate within strict risk and sales protocols and consistently make good above average returns. The cooperative had another successful year, allowing a dividend/rebate of £1.85 a tonne to be paid to members on top of some excellent pool results in a volatile trading period.

Weald Granary wheat pools cover the range from best quality group one milling to premium feed. Eighty percent of members’ grain is milling wheat with the top pool returning over £129/t, a £20/t premium over feed. Spring barley achieved a little over £121/t.

Managing director John Smith said: “The pick of the crop was the oilseed rape long pool price, paying out £284.50/t (excluding oil bonus) to members. This compared very favourably against all other traded pools over the same period and was one of the top performing pools, if not the top, in the country.”

Anyone interested in joining the group can contact the store on 01622 814458 or email